The TDA's 2021 Hemp Plan

November 7, 2020

The announcement that Tennessee Hemp growers have longer to adjust to the new guidelines on growing hemp is music to our ears. It should be to consumers as well, and here is why:

The Proposal

Earlier this week, officials in Nashville announced that until September 30th, 2021 Hemp grower’s here in Tennessee will still follow the original Farm Bill’s guidelines for the production of Hemp. The TDA (Tennessee Department of Agriculture) came up with a new bill for 2021 that would mean that hemp is tested for ALL contents of THC within 15 days of harvest. The current bill states that we must only test for Delta 9 THC (traditional THC) within 30 days of harvest. The delay in the implementation of this new bill was to allow the TDA to fine-tune and work out inspection procedures, sampling processes, and laboratory operations going into The TDA’s 2021 Hemp Plan.

What Does the TDA’s 2021 Hemp Plan Mean for Local Hemp?

It’s quite simple really. Until September 30th of 2021, we will continue to do business under the guidelines we always have. Afterward, we will be testing for ALL contents of THC within 15 days prior to harvest. The amount of THC in the Hemp will have to meet the guidelines of the 2018 Farm Bill. On the bright side, this means that here in Tennessee we are still on the 2014 Farm Bill. This allows local hemp growers to have certain strains that did not meet those 2018 farm bill requirements! This is why here at Snapdragon Hemp, we only support our local Tennessee growers. Not only do they produce a great product, but they can also continue to make the products we love to give you, and you love to have!

What does the TDA’s 2021 Hemp Plan Mean for You?

This means that there is no reason to worry. The TDA’s 2021 Hemp Plan doesn’t go into effect until September 30th of next year. The products you have grown to love are staying, at least for a little longer. We will continue to support local hemp growers through this, and bring you the products that have helped you tremendously!

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