Everything You Need To Know: Delta 8 Edibles

July 1, 2021

There are a wide range of different strengths and types of Delta 8 edibles. It can be difficult to find your tolerance/comfort zone or preferred way of taking Delta 8 reliably, but this article aims to explain some of the various edibles types widely available and also explain some of the differences between Delta 8 and Delta 9.

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How Are Delta 8 Edibles Usually Made Or Infused?

Infused edibles are a classic and efficient way of taking cannabinoids in a way that does not require inhaling, smoking, or vaporizing. Edibles are processed by the gastrointestinal tract and liver and this results in a much more potent and longer-lasting experience, especially when consuming Delta 8 THC edibles and THC in general. The active ingredient in these infused foods is of course the THC and cannabinoids themselves. The most common method of incorporating cannabinoids into edible recipes was through infused fats or oils (cannabutter), but Delta 8 Distillate has proven to be a consistently potent way to make THC edibles without any chance of a strong aftertaste. In this article we’re going to be covering more info about Delta 8 edibles, the different kinds, and how they compare to Delta 9 edibles.

What are the Different Types of Delta 8 Edibles?

The range of different Delta 8 edibles available can be confusing and overwhelming at first. Delta 8 distillate can be blended into virtually any food as it usually is tasteless, odorless, and easy to work with once properly heated. The most popular types of D8 edibles tend to match traditional Delta 9 edibles: brownies, cookies, tinctures. Without the plant-heavy taste of infused butter, the flavor of your infused food can really shine through. This leaves room for even more potent creativity: savory dishes, drinks, candy, and more. Delta 8, much like Delta 9, works much more effectively with a high fat content in whatever dishes you are whipping up. Below you’ll find a list of some of the more popular versions of Delta 8 infused edibles.

Infused Gummies

The amount of different options and varieties for edibles can be a trial and error for your personal tastes and tolerance. That’s where gummies come in to be a fantastic entry point. Gummies are small, flavorful, and easy to split apart if the dosage needs to be adjusted. The strengths can vary from starting doses (around 10mg usually) and up without having any noticeable distillate or herbal aftertaste. Our 10-25mg gummies are vegan, gluten free, wheat & soy free, and are lab tested to ensure quality and consistency. They also come in multiple cannabinoid blends, not just Delta 8; but CBG, CBN, CBD, and a combination of all four! This is a top recommendation for people new to Delta 8 edibles or even experienced users looking for a quick and simple way to enjoy their favorite cannabinoids.

Infused Baked Goods

High-strength infused brownies and cookies are a classic cannabis creation. They are always a treat and usually very potent, but they can be strong on the flower taste if made with cannabutter and not distillate. Infused brownies, cookies, and cakes made with Delta 8 Distillate are a great way to pack a potent dose in very decadent and classic desserts. The doses for brownies and cookies can vary as well, but usually they are more potent than gummies. We offer a selection of infused Delta 8 baked goods like 65mg brownies, 75mg coffee cakes, 40mg cookies and more, as well as a Super High Potency line for high-tolerances with strengths up to 250mg per piece.

Delta 8 Honey

Delta 8 THC Distillate can be blended into many different edible types. One certain type gaining in popularity is infused honey, as the sweetness and natural flavors compliment any bitterness that distillate and cannabinoids may have as an aftertaste.  These honeys can be added to teas, coffees, desserts, snacks, or consumed straight from the stick. We use nano-emulsified Delta 8 distillate with different types of honey and use different cannabinoid ratios to ensure a potent, smooth, and fast-acting blend.

Delta 8 Peanut Butter

Delta 8, Delta 9, and even CBD are fat-soluble. This is why butter and oils are commonly infused as they are great carriers for cannabinoids. This makes our Delta 8 infused peanut butter an excellent infused spread that has a plethora of uses. Peanut butter is naturally high in fat and protein making it a powerful base for infusion. Our jars are infused with 500mg total Delta 8 and are perfect for Infused PB&J’s, smoothies, and snacks. This is also a great choice for those wanting a less-sweet option for Delta 8 edibles. 

Delta 8 Tincture

Tincture is a truly powerful way of taking cannabinoids, and it works differently than just eating a cookie or a bag of treats. Delta 8 Tincture is usually MCT, olive, or coconut oil blended together with cannabinoids. There also are alcoholic tinctures but that can understandably and unwantedly be more impairing than the former option. Tinctures can be infused with very high strengths, flavored, and come in many different cannabinoid ratios. Tinctures work by being absorbed in the mucosal membranes under your tongue, so holding the oil in your mouth until completely absorbed is the most potent method of ingestion. These capillaries carry cannabinoids quickly into the bloodstream, making tincture one of the quickest methods of taking Delta 8 besides vaporizing.

Delta 8 vs Delta 9 Edibles

A common question asked is how Delta 8 edibles compare to Delta 9 in terms of strength and duration of effects. When ingested, Delta 8 THC is converted into 11 hydroxy-delta 8-THC whereas Delta 9 is converted into 11-hyrdroxy delta-9 THC. Both of these converted compounds are amplifications of their base effects to most users, meaning the edible versions of Delta 8 and Delta 9 will be felt with much greater intensity than vaping or smoking. Delta 8 edibles anecdotally are very similar to Delta 9 in feeling, but they may be less intense and longer-lasting than D9 to some. They are still incredibly potent to new users of either cannabinoid, so if one has a very low tolerance, the general starting point for both THCs would be anywhere from 5-10mg per dose, and that can always vary per personal body chemistry.


Delta 8 edibles are a convenient and surprisingly potent way of taking THC as it does compare very closely to Delta 9. There still is a percentage of people who are not or cannot be affected by edibles or certain methods of taking THC due to body chemistry, so trial and error of different methods may be necessary to find your comfort zone. D8 edibles are also still very potent and are not to be underestimated. Going low and slow with caution and comfort in mind is the only way to truly enjoy or find the relief needed with this beneficial hemp-derived cannabinoid. Overdoing any form of THC will not be enjoyable, so always enjoy responsibly and within the limits of personal tolerance.

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