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August 30, 2020

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Josh Explains the differences between the different types of CBD Products, and how each one works.

Video Transcript


Hey, this is Josh from Snapdragon Hemp and on today’s video, we are gonna talk about the different types of CBD and which way may be the best for you! We will start out with the oils, then we will move on to the vape products and the smoking, the flower, the edibles, different forms of oils to take. Also, the lotions that we have available, the lotions are an amazing way to target certain, direct pain relief in one spot. Let’s show you the oils first!

CBD Oils

One of the first types of CBD is Oil. So on the different oils, getting into the spectrum of stuff I’ve got it kind of assorted from THC free products. This would be 100% THC free. There’s 3500 mg of CBD in this bottle. Every one dropper is about 116mg-117mg each dropper. Then we move over to the standard sweetened oil that we do. Then we move on over to our Niche style Tinctures with the “Boost” the “Sleep” and the “Relief”. And then for the SuperMax Potency, there’s 10,000mg in this one bottle right here. It’s insane as far as the Potency. Delta 8 infused, delta 9 infused, CBN, CBG, CBC, and CBD all tested on that product. And then for those who suffer from anxiety, we have products such as the “Borderline THC” We have those in a 750 mg option and a 1500mg option as well. So our oil lineup varies from THC free to almost pure Delta 8 THC. Price points vary from $40 to up to $300. So we have something that can fit everyone’s budget and products that truly work.

CBD Vaping

One of the types of CBD is vapes. This is the fastest, almost instant way to take CBD products is a vape. They had bad publicity in the news last year with all the news about the vitamin E and black-market cartridges. DO NOT USE BLACK MARKET CARTRIDGES. With this stuff, we feel very confident that the way we do it is the right way to do it. If there is any way to do it the absolute best way, we think we meet those standards. 100% of the product inside of a container has to be made from a cannabis plant. To achieve this we use hemp-derived terpenes inside of them.

When you take a puff off a vape, you have effects seconds after exhaling. The effects aren’t going to last as long as other methods, but you have the strongest and most immediate effects off of a vape product.

CBD Flower

So this is how you smoke the Raw form of hemp or CBD. We have everything from the flower, to rolling paper for joints or blunts, to pre-rolls. Franklin is our strongest Indica flower, sweetened is a close second. Then we have a lot of hybrids and Sativas.

You get a good instant effect with a smoke, kinda like with the vaping. Good flavor, good smell. You get a good variety with flowers, any store you go to is going to have at least ten different strains. That means you can find something suited just for you! Finding that can be a little difficult at times, but don’t get too stressed out. Definitely try a couple before giving up on the flower.

CBD Dabs

So another very fast way to inhale CBD products is through a concentrate. Let’s take this one syringe for an example. There is 1ml/1g in this beautiful syringe. To take this 1ml, this 1g, to make it this pure and this clean, with no color, it would take almost 10 grams of “Bud” (Flower) to make this one gram. Super concentrated. Well in the 90% range for total cannabinoid. To put that into perspective, your typical flower is like 12%-18%. The Dabs are a great way to take a lot of product in a very fast time period.

For people who have a high tolerance, this is usually what they end up going to and staying on.

CBD Edibles

All the different edible ways to take CBD have been vastly changing over the last few years. Currently, we are allowed to make and manufacture here in TN. We are regulated by the department of agriculture for our Grow, for our processing facility, and for food and dairy manufacturing of products. Just in the past 2020 year, the department of agriculture has given us regulations to follow that give amazing results.

The teas we make are fast-acting, the quickest way to take an edible. You get into the next way of edibles, like the honey sticks which have a 30-45 minute reaction time. Usually, it lasts an hour and a half to three hours. The cookies, about the same way, 45 minutes to 1-hour onset for effects. The granola bars, just due to the way your stomach has to digest the oats, are anywhere from an hour to two hours. The effects are subtle, and lasting for up to six hours for some folks. We have Sativa and Indica available in the granola bars.

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