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High Potency Delta-8 THC Infused Edibles 250mg


High tolerance? Meet our high-potency line of fresh-baked edibles!

New Flavor Alert! Hazy Monkey Cookies, lab-tested and baked to perfection!

These super-strength edibles are guaranteed to be heavy hitters, even for those with the highest tolerances. Each one is lab tested and dosed at 250mg Delta-8 THC, including a naturally occurring amount of Delta-9 THC. These are not recommended for low tolerances or those new to Delta-8 or THC in general. Try some of our delicious flavors and experience real potency; buckle up and enjoy responsibly!

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Our 250mg Delta-8 THC High Potency Cookies are available in the following options:

  • Snickerdoodle Super Cookie
  • Sprinkle sugar cookie (vanilla mixed with cake batter and sprinkles)
  • Strawberry sugar cookie
  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Hazy Monkey (contains tree nuts and bananas)

What makes an edible different than vaping or dabbing?

With an edible, there is no inhalation or strain on the mouth or lungs. When taking an edible, it is processed by our stomach and liver to produce a much longer and sometimes more intense range of effects. For example, Delta-9 THC, when ingested, is converted into 11-Hydroxy THC via liver enzymes, which is reportedly more psychoactive than standard THC. This usually (depending on body chemistry) gives edibles a more pronounced psychoactive effect versus inhalation methods which can be a shorter and less intense experience.

Edible effects may have a delayed onset after consumption. Enjoy responsibly. 

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Freshness Guide for Edibles (Shelf-Life)

Cereal Treats: 3 months unrefrigerated, 6+ months frozen 

Brownies: 1 month unrefrigerated, 3+ months frozen

Cookies: 1 month unrefrigerated, 3+ months frozen

Cake Bites: 3 weeks unrefrigerated, 3+ months frozen


We recommend freezing your edibles for long-term storage to ensure maximum freshness and potency; otherwise, please enjoy these baked-fresh treats in accordance with our Shelf Life guidelines!

Additional information


Brownie, Strawberry Super Cookie, Blueberry Sugar Cookie, Sprinkle Sugar Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Snickerdoodle Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hazy Monkey Cookie


Super Brownie Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Cocoa Powder, Coffee, Butter(Milk), Egg, Vanilla Extract, Salt, Baking Powder, Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate
Super Snickerdoodle Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Butter(Milk), Egg, Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Orange Zest, Salt, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Super Peanut Butter Ingredients: Sugar, Brown Sugar, Wheat Flour, Butter(Milk), Peanut Butter, Egg, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Salt, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Super Strawberry Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Butter(Milk), Egg, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Strawberry Emulsion, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Super Blueberry Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Butter(Milk), Egg, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Blueberry Emulsion, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Super Sprinkle Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Butter(Milk), Egg, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Vanilla Extract, Sprinkles (Sugar, Cornstarch Dextrin, Carnauba Wax, Titanium Dioxide Color, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red#3, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Yellow #6), Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Hazy Monkey Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Butter(Milk), Egg, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Salt, Milk Chocolate Chips, Pecans, Banana Flavor

Reviews (44)

44 reviews for High Potency Delta-8 THC Infused Edibles 250mg

  1. MarkC54 (verified owner)

    Wow! Taste is excellent and the effects are amazing! Worth every penny for the anxiety and depression relief! Also does wonders for pain… Degenerative disc disorder in my back and this knocked out that back pain and allowed me to relax for hours! Highly Recommended!

  2. James

    I tried the 200mg cookie and it was great. For me, it was ideal to break it into four pieces and one piece of that quarter cookie was enough for me. Will be buying another one.


  3. Ash (verified owner)

    i have been taking the 65mg brownie bites a few times and loved them, so thought i’d move on to half of the 500mg brownie. 250mg is no joke, i haven’t felt like that since my high school days of smoking. extremely effective and purchasing more now.

  4. JON (verified owner)

    Took all 500mg the second it came in. Hands down it’s a 5/5. I will definitely be coming back for maer.

  5. Melissa (verified owner)

    These are amazing and ate a whole one at once …..i don’t recommend that unless your tolerance is high but….it did its job and i slept the weekend i ate it lol….literally

  6. deathwithafireinside (verified owner)

    Took half of it. When I took the bites it took over an hour to take effect. Awesome taste, moist and very potent.

  7. Rex (verified owner)

    I’m gonna be very open, and say I have been struggling with depression and terrible anxiety for as long as I can remember. This past year it’s only gotten worse. I have ordered multiple 500mg delta 8 brownies, and I can barely contain my excitement. I ate the whole brownie.( which I don’t recommend for everyone) and holy crap!! I laughed more then I have in such a long long time. I for the first time in a while felt content, and felt overwhelming joy. So yes I love these brownies…to say the least. Thank you snapdragon for helping me during these crazy times. Can’t recommend enough!!

  8. Justin

    Disclaimer- My wife and I are experienced cannabis consumers. Never try and replicate the high dosages we enjoy consuming unless you are sure you can handle it.
    So we each decided to eat 2 full 500mg brownies and watch Netflix for the meantime. My wife is 5″7 and she felt it within 45 minutes. I’m 5″11 started feeling the effects within 1 hour and 20 minutes. Regardless we had some bedroom time and watched Netflix note the peak reached in 4 hours. When we started coming down we decided to take a couple dabs and hotbox a joint to put us through the night.
    The next time we decided to go crazy we each took 4 of the 500mg brownies and lemme just say we both were high for 3 days straight. Can’t say if it was from the edibles or consistently taking dabs but we took them on a friday and felt the effects till Monday morning. 10/10

  9. Sydney (verified owner)

    I took half of the brownie and I was GOOD for 20 hours. My fault, I did wayyyy too much… So yeahhhh it works but make sure not to over-do it lol. Start with a nibble

  10. Zabre (verified owner)

    As a full time smoker this has changed the game. I wanted to stop smoking but still feel GOOD. This has been perfect I don’t even think about smoking because this makes me feel good for the whole day and I mean the WHOLE day. The brownie is very very delicious.

  11. Jason (verified owner)

    Awesome product definately ordering again

  12. Tyler (verified owner)

    Best product on the market. I have done the research and this are BY FAR the best Delta 8 product available for its smooth, potent effects and price.

  13. ahutsonsooner (verified owner)

    These are without a doubt the BEST edibles I have found on the D8 market. Snapdragon never disappoints and I was blown away. I am a heavy user and of course I ate the whole thing (dont recommend if you have low tolerance break in half) and withing 45 min I couldn’t stop smiling and I was already feeling like i was starting to float. The taste of the brownie was also surprising because it was soft, fluffy, with a very smooth chocolate taste. 7 hours later still floating and in a great mood! These are a must try and am finally glad I FINALLY tried these. A must for anyone trying to see what a real D8 edible is like. Great for depression or chronic Pain. Snapdragon never disappoints and now I feel like I need to always have one on deck in case of a bad day!

  14. Katg86 (verified owner)

    These brownies are probably the best D8 edibles out there. And they’re delicious, very hard to not devour it all in one sitting! The packaging keeps everything fresh.

  15. Garrett

    Let’s just say I took the 500mg brownie at 9pm, slept for about 8 or 9 hours, and was still zooted the next morning.

  16. Tyler (verified owner)

    There is no better Delta 8 product out there… trust me, I’ve done the research. The effects of the brownie are so smooth and yet so strong.
    I cannot recommend these brownies highly enough!

  17. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    The best delta 8 brownie!!! Quick shipping and the brownie was moist and had a great flavor. I had the best night sleep in a long time. I’m so glad I ordered 2 because I want more!!!

  18. Chrissy (verified owner)

    I ate 1/2 and it was the perfect amount to help me sleep through pain of my disc disease. I will always keep these on hand for days when pain it too intense for my usual! Love snapdragon edibles and they never let me down! Great product, great customer service!!

  19. George (verified owner)

    So, first off, thanks reddit. I know one of you guys from /r/delta8 will see this lmfao.

    I bought four 250mg brownies for my friends and family. I 100% did not think anything would happen, but here is the tale.

    So there were 4 of us, and at the time 2 brownies. For some back story, all of us have smoked Delta9 for years, and one of us smokes 2-4 blunts a day, while the rest of us smoke roughly 2-4 a week, and regularly use Delta8 carts.

    My friend Greg downed one without a second thought, and my girlfriend took about 1/5th of one. My other friend Nate down the last of that bad boy without a thought either after i jokingly said to be careful. You see, Greg is the daily smoker, while Nate smokes the least out of the 4 of us. You see where this is going.

    About 2.5 hours in, I ask how everyone’s feeling. We’re all having a good ole time and Nate is somehow destroying us in Tekken 7(we just downloaded it and all weren’t too great). We decide to switch to a 4 player game, and go with overcooked. Great fun going through the bajillion different characters to choose, and we’re all very excited because we’ve never played before.

    Alas, we never got to play. After we’ve all picked out characters, Nate is too overwhelmed by the choices and has slouched down into the couch, now taking up 3 spots instead of one. It was over the moment he ingested the brownie. He was off to the moon, saying he could see 5 minutes into the future where he would vomit. The oracle spoke, and so it was.

    The rest of us were totally fine and were just chillin, but he was greened out until the next day.

    That being said, these are super hot fire and I definitely recommend. Just don’t eat too much and you’ll have a good time!

  20. Renee (verified owner)

    Excellent brownie edibles, very yummy! I cut the brownie in quarters, and it’s a perfect dose for me. I’m pretty new to Delta 8, but I am enjoying the learning process of how different products hit me differently. I’ve been sleeping great latley, and my shoulder pain has not been as bad. Thanks for the great products you sell.

  21. Waneta (verified owner)

    These really are the best…you get the chocolate and the benefits. This is the product to try for sure!

  22. Clifton (verified owner)

    Careful folks, do not underestimate the Delta 8. I should have quartered this. I ate the entire 250mg brownie. It was absolutely delicious and it totally blew my hair back. Great D8 product. I highly recommend. Kudos Snapdragon..

  23. willyB (verified owner)

    Delicious and super feel goody. Possible side effects include; extra focus, creativity, general feeling of well being, and peaceful vibes.

  24. willyB (verified owner)

    Great Delta 8 product! Highly recommend this product. They are delicious and promote productivity and focus.

  25. Drew (verified owner)

    Was very surprised with the quality result these brownies provided.

  26. Amanda Music (verified owner)

    I have a high tolerance and just a corner (1/4th) of these brownies is enough! I love these and will continue to buy more!!

  27. tedyoung3810 (verified owner)

    Very good . Best I have found yet!

  28. jones8329 (verified owner)

    VERY good, the brownies are great, blueberry and peanut butter cookies are my favorite cookies. High tolerance here but half of one is what does it for me and I’m good for a while. A must try!

  29. awales

    The brownies are amazing and work very well. They taste really good, and I wished that my subscription box came with more than one. When I get a little extra money to spend I will be buying a lot more of these along with the honey.

  30. Michelle (verified owner)

    The brownies tasted amazing! Thank you for the amazing selection!

  31. jenohler1 (verified owner)

    Great service. Edibles are great. Will definitely order again

  32. Eldon (verified owner)


    love it

  33. Johnny (verified owner)

    Will be getting more soon ☺️☺️

  34. Michelle (verified owner)

    These look and taste like any cakey brownie out there, delicious! I was not expecting such a great texture out of them more of a “down the hatch” buy, but enjoyed it and also enjoyed the warm and fuzzy feeling all evening!

  35. jarelj56 (verified owner)

    Don’t ignore the high potency warning if you’re a newbie to edibles like I am. I thought I’d be okay taking half a brownie, but apparently 125mg is too high of a dose for me.
    After a few days, I tried them again at a lower dose (less than half of what was left) and that’s my sweet spot.
    10/10 would buy again.

  36. Marvin R (verified owner)

    I like the 250 mg D8 brownies and peanut butter cookies because they are easy to cut into quarters. A quarter is about 62 mg which is plenty for my Friday Happy hour (s). I buy the 3 option on line, the biggest bang for my buck.
    I buy the 25 mg D8 gummies at the store on Hwy 58. The 3 for option at the store is the biggest bang for my buck. Gummies are my weekday treats.

  37. Wendy (verified owner)

    I tried the 250mg snickerdoodle cookie. It was split in half and shared with my husband. He did not feel anything from it, I felt a little .
    We are regular smokers so maybe that’s why the cookie didn’t have much effect on us. If I buy these again I will try a whole cookie myself and see
    what happens.

  38. Brandyn (verified owner)

    Would buy again.

    Heavy flower user. Edibles never phase me. Whole one of these on an empty stomach had me feeling good all day. Didnt need anything else with it.

    THC-O is next. Thank you SnapDragon! Tasty stuff.

  39. Rachel (verified owner)

    The high potency brownies work great for me. I have fibromyalgia and these help me get things done. I’m a customer for life!

  40. Mia (verified owner)

    The strawberry cookies taste divine and the high mg is perfect for taking a high dosage without having to eat a million gummies. thanks snapdragon i will be ordering again ☝️

  41. heather91584 (verified owner)

    These are delicious and work really well, my favorite is the strawberry cookies

  42. lightningxthunderbolt (verified owner)

    they are good

  43. dhaynia

    ngl, i took the whole cookie worst mistake of my life 250 mg is not a joke i thought i was fucking dying, had to get rushed to the hospital in an ambulance 🙂 it was funny ngl and i’m still fucking high so that’s great lol

    • Alec

      Hi there! I’m glad you’re okay, but we definitely do not recommend eating an entire 250mg cookie in one sitting, no matter how experienced a person is with hemp and cannabis! These things are POTENT and should always be enjoyed responsibly. Again, glad to hear you’re doing okay!

  44. april (verified owner)

    The snickerdoodle cookie tastes great. I only ate a quarter of it. I felt chilled out for a while. Enjoyed it!

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