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Delta-9 THC Edibles Subscription Box

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You will receive either a 125mg Delta-9/CBD Fudge Brownie, or 200mg Delta-9/CBD Cereal Treat. Available in 1 or 3 package options.

Snapdragon Hemp’s classic 10mg Delta-9 gummies! Available in 1 pack or 3 pack options.

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Get them delivered to your door automatically monthly or weekly! Our standard subscription box offers a dank variety of standard-strength Delta-9 THC and CBD-infused Cereal Treats, Brownie Bites, and Cookies! Want something extra included in your weekly or monthly sub box? Select the add-ons below to customize your Subscription Box, with Tinctures, Gummies, Super Strength Edibles, and even more options!

Important Notice: each Subscription Box by default will be filled with a variety of our Delta-9 baked goods, and add-ons will also be served as a variety. For further customization, please leave notes in the Customer Comments upon checkout.

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Our New Weekly and Monthly Subscription Boxes are HERE!

Want to automate the delivery of fresh-baked goods, gummies, and more to your home every week or month? We now offer many subscription boxes with customization and satisfaction in mind.

What’s In The Box?

Every standard Delta-9 THC subscription box (without additions) will come with a hand-picked variety of 6 fresh-baked, award-winning edibles crafted lovingly by our in-house bakery. You can expect a selection of our standard-strength Delta-9 THC and CBD infused Cereal Treats (80mg), Brownie Bites (30mg), and Cookie 2-packs (30mg-50mg per cookie, 60mg-100mg per pack). You can also select a Super-Sized Weekly or Monthly subscription option that doubles your order (12 items)!

  • Standard Subscription Box: 6 Items, including Delta 9/CBD 30mg Brownies, 30-50mg Cookies, and 80mg Cereal Treats.
  • Super-Sized Subscription Box: 12 Items, including Delta 9/CBD 30mg Brownies, 30-50mg Cookies, and 80mg Cereal Treats.
  • Super-Strength Edible Add-On: 125mg Delta-9/CBD Fudge Brownies or 200mg Delta-9/CBD Cereal Treats.
  • Delta-9 THC Gummies Add-On: Snapdragon Hemp 10mg D9 Gummies 12-count packages.
  • Delta-9 Tincture Add-On: A selection between our Superjack, Northern Lights, Trainwreck, or Modified Bananas 1oz Tinctures.
  • CBD or CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls: A selection of our organic and potent CBD or CBG hemp flower pre-rolls.
  • CBD, CBG, CBN Isolates: 1 package or three packages, a selection between our 1 gram 99% pure CBD, CBG, or CBN isolates.

What Can I Add to My Box?

Each Delta-9 subscription box will be fully customizable with additions like…

  • Delta-9 THC Infused Gummies (10mg-15mg Delta-9 Snapdragon or ONE PEACE)
  • Delta-9 THC and Blended Cannabinoid Infused Tinctures 
  • Delta-9 THC Infused Super Strength Treats (200mg D9/CBD Cereal Treats, and 125mg D9/CBD Brownie Bites)
  • CBD or CBG Infused Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls 
  • Cannabinoid Isolates: CBD, CBG, and CBN 1-gram options 

Select these reoccurring add-ons from the drop-down menu!

Can I Customize My Subscription Box?

Each box, by default, will be a random variety of treats and a variety of selected add-ons; we will always exceed the value of what you pay weekly or monthly with the variety of goods we have available. If you’d like specific items, like a particular flavor of tincture or strength of super-strength treat, we are open for customer comments on each subscription box! Please let us know in the customer comments on checkout how you’d like your subscription box, and we will do our best to accommodate!

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1 review for Delta-9 THC Edibles Subscription Box

  1. CloudTalk (verified owner)

    I just signed up! Great value!
    I did the XL subscription with super potency, gummy and tincture add ons!

    Thank you !

    • Alec

      We hope you love your subscription box! Let us know on LiveChat or through our email address at [email protected] if you need anything changed. We’d love your feedback as well!

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