Delta 8 Capsules (Delta 8 Pills)

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These Super Full Spectrum D8 Capsules come in two sizes – A 60 pack of 10mg each or a 20 pack of 40mg each. If you can’t smoke or stand the taste of other hemp products, this is the capsule for you!



Can’t Stand the Taste of CBD oil? Delta 8 Capsules to the Rescue!

Is the taste of CBD oil too much for you? We fully understand that! These Delta 8 Capsules are just like pills you would take for a cold. They’re made not only to be potent but to be easy to take. They are absolutely tasteless and will go down with one swig of water!

Uses of Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is very useful in many cases. This can relieve pain, boost libido, and helps with nausea. In addition, It can help with everything from anxiety and depression, and even help with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss diseases. The design of Delta 8 THC is to target the part of the brain that deals with the “Fight or Flight” response. Meaning it is very very useful against anxiety and depression. 

Why a Delta 8 Capsule?

As stated before, some people may have a hard time taking normal CBD or Delta 8 THC because they cannot stand the taste of it. In addition, you can add these capsules to your medicine pool every day to give yourself some well-needed relief from any of the aforementioned issues.

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10mg 60 Count, 50mg 20 Count

2 reviews for Delta 8 Capsules (Delta 8 Pills)

  1. steve ghiozzi (verified owner)

    I love the taste of everthing..i bouught the 20 coubt of 40 or 50mg? Anyway love the bottle they comr in and are very convineint on the go GREAT IDEA!

  2. Liz (verified owner)

    D8 has been helping my friend who has breast cancer and is receiving chemo. I can’t wait for her to try these! Great product and company.

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