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Delta-8 THC Infused Brownie Bites 65mg


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Double fudge decadence perfectly infused with Delta-8 THC. These baked brownie bites will bake you right back! 

These Delta-8 THC-infused Fudge Brownies are packed with 65mg of D8 per delicious square. They’re small enough to eat in one bite and potent enough to split in half if needed. Our bakery lovingly handmade these brownies and lab-tested them for safety and dosage accuracy—a modern take on the classic space brownie.


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    What makes an edible different than vaping or dabbing?

    With an edible, there is no inhalation or strain on the mouth or lungs. When taking an edible, it is processed by our stomach and liver to produce a much longer and sometimes more intense range of effects. For example, Delta-9 THC, when ingested, is converted into 11-Hydroxy THC via liver enzymes, which is reportedly more psychoactive than standard THC. This usually (depending on body chemistry) gives edibles a more pronounced psychoactive effect versus inhalation methods which can be a shorter and less intense experience.

    Edible effects may have a delayed onset after consumption. Enjoy responsibly. 

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    Freshness Guide for Edibles (Shelf-Life)

    Cereal Treats: 3 months unrefrigerated, 6+ months frozen 
    Brownies: 1 month unrefrigerated, 3+ months frozen
    Cookies1 month unrefrigerated, 3+ months frozen
    Cake Bites: 3 weeks unrefrigerated, 3+ months frozen


    Fudge Brownie Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Cocoa Powder, Butter(Milk), Egg, Vanilla Extract, Salt, Baking Powder, Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate

    Reviews (28)

    28 reviews for Delta-8 THC Infused Brownie Bites 65mg

    1. Ryan (verified owner)

      Delectably Magnificent Treat! <3

    2. Hannibal (verified owner)

      Delicious taste. Effects are amazing. Would recommend. A+++

    3. Nick

      These taste freaking fantastic! They pack a strong punch and effects are felt for hours. I just wish they came in full size brownies!

    4. MarkC54 (verified owner)

      Phenomenal and magnificent treat! Powerful effects that can be literally felt for hours! Nice and relaxing! Helped ease my mind after a few long days at work, and was enjoyable hanging out socially. I’m already on here ordering more of these, honey sticks, the super strength brownie, and some Otto! Fast shipping! Products arrived in air tight sealed packages and better than expected! At least give these a try if your even reading this review, because you won’t regret it!

    5. Lauren (verified owner)

      I had ordered 4 of these just to try them out, then after I got through with my last one I was so impressed that I ordered 12 more. Just stick to eating one at a time, maybe even half of one. I ate 2 and had to sit down and close my eyes. Overall a great product and a seriously big bang for your buck.

    6. Stephanie (verified owner)

      Absolutely amazing! I ate one and felt the effects within an hour or so, and they lasted for a very long time, actually. I was expecting them to be pretty strong, but definitely not as strong as they were – I felt great, though! Tasted great, shipped fast. Definitely going to be purchasing a lot more!

    7. S (verified owner)

      These were not only delicious but also a great ride. We were able to feel the effects within 45 minutes. Fast shipping as well! Thanks for a great product.

    8. Kenneth (verified owner)

      Enjoy the taste and feeling. I have fibromyalgia and these edibles work great to help easy my pain.

      • Josh

        Glad we can help with the pain

    9. Sid M (verified owner)

      Great product and fantastic customer service. Thank you for taking care of my package issue in a professional and timely manner. Very impressed, will recommend to friends/family.
      These taste amazing btw and definitely help with everyday tasks and sleep. Thanks again.

    10. Madison (verified owner)

      Absolutely delicious. Each brownie is individually wrapped and is very presentable. Potency seems to be as advertised based off my experience with other Delta 8 products. 5 out of 5 overall.

    11. Ronan (verified owner)

      Tasty! There is little to no off taste and the brownies are very strong. Start kicking in 30-40 mins. Great feelings for several hours. Worth every cent.

    12. Catalina (verified owner)

      Just wow and legal :).. I eat a brownie at 6pm it takes about 2 hours to hit. Then I am so mellow and relaxed. I am so glad I found them.

    13. dan.keefe (verified owner)

      These brownies are fire 🔥

    14. Laura (verified owner)

      Delicious and happy/content effect which lasts hours. I’m ordering more now.

    15. Eleanor (verified owner)

      Perfect for relaxing and winding down at night, but doesn’t make me too tired or groggy. A real game changer for a busy body like myself.

    16. Brenden (verified owner)

      These are great. Very strong – but relaxing! I ate half of a brownie at 4 pm and it didn’t die down until after 10 pm. I would recommend half if you are not a very frequent or daily consumer. As a plus, the brownie itself tastes pretty good.

    17. Gretchen (verified owner)

      These brownies are the best edibles I’ve ever had. I first decided to order about 2 months ago just from reading the reviews. Now I’m about to order again! Places near me only sell gummies (as far as delta 8 edibles) and that’s fine but I just love these brownies 😋😋 and will gladly wait by the mailbox for them ☺️ They help me in so many ways I can’t even list them all.

    18. Whit (verified owner)

      This stuff is AMAZING. A++++
      I use it in my tea and it tastes great! No gross aftertaste like other products from other companies!

    19. k_cwalinski (verified owner)

      Tastes amazing and has very strong effects. Took one at 6pm and was still feeling it at 2 am. Definitely keeps you calm!

    20. Marilyn (verified owner)

      These are as great as others have said. It creeps up on you, so dont eat more thinking it is not working. They are yummy and worth it. I am sleeping longer intervals, 2-4 hours vs before 1-2 hours. Also a deeper sleep. Thanks for a great and delicious product.

    21. cbdhealthmobile (verified owner)

      These brownies are absolutely amazing! customers love them, and so does our team! 🙂 Definitely a 10/10

    22. cbdhealthmobile (verified owner)

      Customers love these just as much as our team! They’re great for on the go, and in the comfort of your own home. Definitely a 10/10 we will be purchasing more.

    23. Chris (verified owner)

      Absolute 🔥.

      I haven’t used cannabis for over 20 years. Ordered the 4 pack of brownies and let me to you…..wooooweeeee! I ate 1/2 of one brownie and I slept for 12 hours lol. Eat 1/4 of a brownie if you are a lightweight like me! 5 stars for sure!

    24. Jeremiah (verified owner)

      Very nice product. I have enjoyed their brownies a great deal. I take one 2 hours before bed and it kicks in full strength about the time I’m ready to go to sleep.

    25. Tonya (verified owner)

      I have tried so many different kinds of delta8 & this company is by far the best!!! These brownies are the bomb! Chill & relaxing effect. I cut it into 4 pieces. Start with one to see how your body adjust to it.
      All the products that I’ve tried from this company have been exceptional!

    26. Donna (verified owner)

      Wow! I was really surprised at how well these worked! My sciatica and pain from my fractured metatarsal was obliterated. Thank you for the relief!

    27. Kenneth (verified owner)

      Great tasting and smooth high. Fantastic brownies

    28. Rosiella (verified owner)

      I’ve only recently gotten into edibles, and am thrilled and grateful snapdragon was recommended to me.. I’ve tried a few different products, but these brownies and the coffee cakes that are a tad stronger are gonna become the constant goodies in my ‘ol cookie jar.

      They are incredibly affordable for such a tasty, quality product. One brownie in the evenin’ is just the right dosage for me.. relaxing and enjoyable, leavin’ me so sleepy that I can actually fall asleep. With CPTSD and night terrors, these have been a, literal, life savor.

      I’d not only recommend these to anyone even remotely curious, I’d love to give the owners here a hug for such quality, tasty treats!! Quickly shipped, packaged perfectly and amazing customer service!

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