Bulk CBN 99% Pure


Bulk CBN 99% Pure


This is for 1g syringe OR dab slick of our limited supply CBN at 99% purity, crystallization occurs fast and is only a typical distillate viscosity when warm and for 1 day after before crystallizing.

Smooth! Great for dabs, night time, edibles, body relaxation without the THC effect.  Pure CBN


Syringe is easy storage but the dab slick is easy for scraping and removing from.

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Looking to make your own CBN Vape Cartridges?

Here is our amazing Bulk CBN 99% Pure! This is one of the best deals you’ll ever find on Bulk CBN!

Buying Our Bulk CBN 99% Pure is One of the most important moves you can make!

Buying in bulk ensures you’re getting a quality product at a price that is one h*** of a discount! Who doesn’t love a good deal? Especially on such a useful substance such as CBN Oil.

What is CBN?

CBN is known as Cannabinol. It is the compound made when THC ages. Unlike THC, this is not an intoxicating substance. This substance however has a lot of amazing benefits!

Well, What are the benefits of CBN? (Why should I Purchase Bulk CBN 99% Pure?)

CBN has many helpful and useful properties. In rodent studies, CBN has proven to be a very good Neuroprotectant, Anti-Inflammatory, and an appetite stimulator! In addition, CBN has been shown to be a very powerful Anti-bacterial agent!

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Syringe, Dab slick


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