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What are Hemp-Derived Terpenes?

To answer that, we must first define “Terpenes”. Terpenes are found in mother nature in every plant. They are the core reason why some plants have stress-relieving effects or sleep-inducing etc… With that being said, the cannabis plant is no different. The terpene profile of each plant determines whether it’s going to be uplifting or sedative.

Hemp-derived Terpenes are the essential oils that are stripped out of the Hemp plant. Since the terpenes are from the hemp plant, they also have the same benefits. Those benefits include Pain relief, relaxation, sedation, and even anti-inflammatory support. These terpenes are what give the hemp plant it’s flavoring. Ever heard of hemp plants with tastes such as mint, pine, or berry? Terpenes are what give that effect.

Using pure terpenes found in nature to increased the effectiveness of our product is what makes the Snapdragon difference. Now we are offering you those very same terpenes we use to take our products from sub-par to Superb!

What could You Used the Terpenes for?

There are many uses for hemp-derived terpenes. They could be used to enhance the flavor of oils, dabs and vape cartridges. They can also be used to strengthen certain effects of any oils, vape cartridges, or edibles you could make with these.

All of this sounds Amazing. What are Your Choices?

You have your choice of flavors from Lime Haze, Sour Space Candy, Incredible Hulk, and T-1/Siskiyou. All of which is 100% extracted from the Hemp plant.

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Cherry Limeade, Incredible Hulk

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  1. E (verified owner)

    T-1/Siskiyou is one of the best there is. Too bad it’s gone.

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