100% Hemp-Derived Super Full Spectrum Cartridges


100% Hemp-Derived Super Full Spectrum Cartridges

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100% Hemp derived and 0% THC


Choose the Hemp strain of your choice –

Hulk haze is danky and smooth

Cherry limeade is higher in limonene which is cirusy but a little rougher.  More punch

THC Milligrams
800 mg of THC
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Looking for Pure and Fast relief?

Look no Further!!! Our Super Full Spectrum Cartridges have you covered!

100% Hemp-Derived Super Full Spectrum Cartridges!

These bad boys are 100% taken from the Hemp plant. Every terpene, every chemical inside of this amazing Cartridge is pure! This makes for a very powerful product! Fear not for no unknown chemicals or terpenes has been mixed into this cartridge!

Uses for our 100% Hemp-Derived Super Full Spectrum Cartridges!

Our Super Full Spectrum is very useful in many cases. This can relieve pain, boost libido, and helps with nausea. Especially, It can help with everything from anxiety and depression, to even help with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss diseases. The design of the Super Full Spectrum Oil is to target the part of the brain that deals with the “Fight or Flight” response. Meaning it is very very useful against anxiety and depression. 

Who is this Good for?

Short answer? Those struggling with the aforementioned issues. Aka, Depression, anxiety, pain, nausea, low libido, and even memory loss diseases like Altzheimers. If you’re struggling with any of these issues, then give this stuff a try!!!

Why a Vape Cartridge?

Vaping any form of CBD is a very fast and reliable way to get the effects you desire! Vaping is convenient, easy, and safe! (The exception to this rule is obviously black-market cartridges. DO NOT use any Black Market Cartridges!) The only danger from a Vape Cartridge is maybe a little coughing. We think that is a very plausible exchange!

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Cherry Limeade, Hulk Haze, Super Jack, Blueberry Kush

3 reviews for 100% Hemp-Derived Super Full Spectrum Cartridges

  1. Johnny (verified owner)

    I’ve tried literally almost every other company out there and after trying my cherry limeade cart and getting my desired effects. I gotta say it’s the best I’ve had so far by far. 🤙🏼

  2. James mcewen (verified owner)

    I gotta say at first the hulk haze through me off a bit but its growing on me.It has a really dank pungent taste to it that may be off putting at first but gets better and better as you go.I would give it a 4 out of a 5 its allot smoother than botanical and the effects are great.

  3. Logan

    Been looking for something to help my sleep tried a lot of different companies around Chattanooga and y’all are the best ever! Friendly staff very helpful and your products always give me the relief I need! Just tried the hulk haze and will definitely purchanlsing more in the future!Thank y’all and keep up the great work!

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