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This is your podcast favorite Cannabis Podcast hosted by our CEO, Josh Manning. Join us for these exciting episodes talking about everything 420, with with podcast episodes dropping on our YouTube every Friday at 4:20pm!

Yes It’s Legal Podcast: Episode Five

EXPLORE THE WORLD OF SNAPDRAGON with our CBO Ariel Omarzu and CEO Joshua Manning in this latest episode of Yes It’s Legal! Episode 5 is all about the vast rainbow of hemp that Snapdragon offers! Get educated and baked in the same episode, that’s the Snapdragon way 🐲

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Yes It’s Legal Podcast: Episode Four

Join us for the fourth episode of the Yes It’s Legal Podcast with COO & Co-Founder Robert Scott and Beverage Director Tim Shields! We’re diving deep into the world of infused beverages, from the creation of our RINS9 lineup to the exciting hemp beverage industry. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode!

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Yes It’s Legal Podcast: Episode Three

Grab your favorite 🌱 treats and start the sesh. Tune in to the Yes It’s Legal Podcast Episode 3 to hear from Delia, our Director of Hospitality. Learn about the dedication and science behind crafting your favorite treats and get the latest updates on the Dragon Lounge, including a new menu and extended hours.

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Yes It’s Legal Podcast: Episode Two

Join Branson McGee, the Director of Production and Cannabis Science Specialist here at Snapdragon, and Josh Manning, our founder and CEO! They’ll discuss cannabis science and important industry topics like extraction, our water-soluble RINS9 technology, how we excel in the industry, and where the industry is headed in the future.

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Yes It’s Legal Podcast: Episode One

Join Snapdragon CEO Josh Manning and COO/Co-Founder Robert Scott as they talk about a ton of different topics like legalization, Delta-8, TN’s current hemp industry, extraction, mushrooms, our upcoming infused murder mystery dinner, and so much more.

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