Vape Cartridges are not all the same

Left to right:
Mario carts, Clone V9, Cookies ccell, kingpins, brass knuckles, black glass ccell, clear acrylic press on ccell, white glass ccell
All Fakes
Knock off wood screw on glass ccell
Cutting agents used on the left. Cartridge oil is pure and separation or solidification of only parts should not occur.
Itsuwa Liberty Amigo – The actual Liberty V9 uses lead free high quality metals. As where the clones do not. Inferior coil design and oring/seals with poor tolerances.
Disposable D8 pens are hard to get perfect. D8 has a very high viscosity and most disposables cannot flow that thickness without burning or the battery giving out before they finish. It has been tricky but the Voom and Vaporesso are what we use.
Liberty V9 have adjustable top airflow and a removable center post. 4x 1.5mm oil inlets
Authentic CCELL carts are only from certain distributors that sell from the Smoore manufacturing facility in China. With USA engineering they are able to create higher quality devices than those that only attempt to copy.
Not all engraving are real. Look at the quality of the engraving and the poor oring design around the base.
C128 with no meaning vs the 3 Win The left has flaws
Jupiter, Kush, 3 Win
These are all great but the center is a fake. You can see the oring used around the bottom post is different and they have a high failure rate for leaks.
Same picture from the 3 where the center was a fake. See the oil inlet hole machine work? Quality difference of the center cart, it is a fake.
We reached out to a manufacturer to have these made with our name and batch number on the bottom.
Viscosity should be high. Oil moving to fast is a quick sign of diluted distillate. The bubble should stay where it is for more than a 1 minute.
Pods are great when done right, these Juul style were prone to leaking, we had bad luck these and discontinued use.
Liberty T-Core design was a great design with bottom oil holes so all the oil goes into the base. The flow of the smaller 1.2mm oil holes did not allow for big clouds without burning the coil and tasting bad. These were great for those that only wanted a puff and the cartridge would last months.
There are two kinds of terpenes that can be used. Food grade/botanical or Cannabis/Hemp derived. These guys at Extract Consultants are my favorite Terpene company for some great flavors. Pairs really well with our Hemp terpenes to provide the actual dank flavor that other Canna vapes do not usually give.
Custom batteries with 3 power modes, preheat function and usb charger that allows you to smoke while charging. These are all standards we think are required to be a good cartridge battery.

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