A Cure for Cancer and Infertility?

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December 17, 2020

Daisy got her cancer diagnosis on January 31st. She was only given until Memorial Day to live. Daisy had a tumor the size of a softball growing around her scapula and into her chest wall. After her pathology results came back, Daisy started a chemotherapeutic dose of Prednisone with the warning that her tumor could continue to grow to the size of a volleyball and rupture.
A friend of mine suggested looking into Rick Simpson Oil after reading several stories of dogs whose tumors shrank or completely disappeared after using THC as a treatment. She also suggested that I visit Snapdragon Hemp on 153 and mentioned that someone very knowledgeable worked there.
I had experience with CBD oil in the past. However, I had no experience with THC. My entire life, I had been taught how bad THC was. “Just say no to drugs” had been hammered into my mind since elementary school. However, I had seen many stories about how THC oil helped people with Parkinson’s and cancer. I decided it was worth trying. I would do anything to extend Daisy’s life.
A few days after talking to my coworker and researching Rick Simpson Oil, I worked up the courage to go into Snapdragon Hemp on 153. I awkwardly asked the guy at the counter if he knew anything about Rick Simpson Oil. He did! I spent the rest of the evening talking to Colt about a THC treatment for Daisy. He went over possible side effects and benefits of using THC and calculated a dose for Daisy based on her weight. Colt didn’t promise anything. But he thought at the very least, the tumor might stop growing. He warned that Daisy would get tired but eventually adjust to her dose. He also suggested we give her several drops of the 425mg pet formula CBD Oil in conjunction with the THC oil to counter the hallucinogenic effects of the THC.
In a complete leap of faith, I stopped all of Daisy’s prescription medications. Colt could not comment on nor give advice about prescriptions. I was free to discuss interactions with my vet. I did not consult with my vet prior to starting Daisy on her new THC treatment. She was already dying. What did she have to lose? Her tumor was growing bigger while taking the prednisone.
Daisy started her treatment on February 10th.
By February 29th, her tumor WAS COMPLETELY GONE!!!!!!!
Daisy got 4 drops of THC Oil in the morning and at night in addition to 4 drops of 425 mg CBD Oil. We also gave her a cancer fighting dose of Tagamet for one week and altered her diet to a very high protein diet. We would rub the THC treatment on her tumor every few days in addition to her oral dose.
Our vet couldn’t believe our results.
Daisy is now on a maintenance dose for her arthritis and possibly prevent any additional tumor growth.
As if Daisy’s cancer treatment wasn’t enough, Snapdragon Hemp unknowingly helped our family in another way.
My boyfriend and I have been trying to start a family for two years. I was diagnosed with PCOS and we decided not to seek out fertility treatments.
About a week into Daisy’s new treatment, I was skeptical that her oil was doing anything at all. I had no idea what I was actually giving my dog other that what Colt explained to me. I had a specific dose to give her and the warning that a full dropper would “floor a human.” I knew little else about how or what she was feeling. She slept a little extra and panted a little more after a dose, but nothing was overly different in her behavior.
I decided to take her dose. I felt – Nothing. Which makes sense, given that I weigh 150 lbs. and she only weighs 54lbs. The next day, on February 17th, I decided to take 10 drops of Daisy’s treatment. I figured this was closer to her dose for my weight. I felt so calm and inspired! I didn’t feel my normal aches and pains in my back and shoulders and I generally felt good. At this time, I knew the treatment wasn’t doing any harm to Daisy and decided to continue giving her the oil.
On March 10th, about a month after I took the 10 drops of oil, we got our first Positive pregnancy test!!!! There was only one day that lined up to our conception date and it was the day that I used Daisy’s treatment.
We are 100% convinced this oil is the reason we got pregnant. We had tried so many other natural remedies and agreed we would not seek fertility treatments. I have not used the oil since the 17th, but I am so thankful every day for the results we got! We are currently 13 weeks along in our pregnancy and the baby is healthy and growing!
This oil saved my dog’s life, helps her arthritis and allowed us to start a family. We could never repay for what they have done for us, but I am so thankful every day that I met Colt behind the counter at Snapdragon Hemp on 153!!!!
I still remember Colt saying, “I’m not a doctor, I just really love cannabis.”