Sativa VS Indica | The Duel Of Strains

Sativa VS Indica | The Duel Of Strains

CBD is an amazing chemical and has some absolutely astonishing and useful effects. People who are new to the concept of CBD may not understand the two different strains and the ways they function. When starting to use said chemical, it is very important to know about the different strains and different effects. Today we will pit the two strains against each other in a battle called “Indica VS Sativa”.

Indica VS Sativa

Let’s see what happens when we put the two strains against each other. Will Sativa or Indica stand triumphant? We shall see. Let the fight, Begin!

Sativa – Boost Your Day

Sativa is best useful for a daytime experience. It boosts focus and gives a boost of energy! Sativa increases your creativity and alertness! This strain of CBD is known to give more of a “Head” or “Mind High”.

Sativa can be used during the day to relieve stress at work or to even relieve problems such as pain. Sativa is best for daytime use simply because it doesn’t make you sleepy or feel heavy.

Indica – Relaxation At Night

Indica strains are very good to use at night time. It induces relaxation and creates a feeling of general well being. This strain does pain relief perfectly. Indica creates what is described as a “Body High”.

Indica can be used at night to aid those who may have trouble sleeping. It can also be used after a long day of work to simply relax and get rid of all that pent up stress from the day.

So Who Wins?

Well, this whole article was honestly kind of bait. Sorry to break the fourth wall on that one but Indica and Sativa are very useful in DIFFERENT ways. You can’t expect to use one for the effects of the other. Neither win because they both do amazing and useful things. If the need is to be relaxed then use Indica strains. If the need is to be focused and awake, then use Sativa strains. There is a CBD strain out there for everyone!

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