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Top-Shelf THCA Hemp Flower


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Experience Snapdragon’s THCA-rich, small-batch & carefully curated cannabis flower in a wide variety of strains. 

100% naturally grown for a high level of THCA while retaining federally compliant levels of 0.3% Delta-9 THC or under. Each strain is lab-tested, and no pesticides are used in the growing process. The result is a federally legal cannabis flower that smokes great and feels great, too! Let us deliver legalization to your doorstep with gorgeous nugs, fresh terps, and effective potency.

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Connoisseur Grade Flower Menu:

We’re stepping things up yet again with the quality of our indoor-grown flower, and we’re proud to release our new Connoisseur menu. These strains are packed with delicious, pungent, and aromatic terpene profiles as well as very hard-hitting cannabinoid percentages. What’s on the menu?


Lemon Runtz- Hybrid- 25% THCA | 25% TAC
(Runtz x Lemon Tree) This super tart and energizing Lemon Runtz phenotype has beautiful deep purple hues and smells of spicy lemon candy. Fueled by limonene and complimented by sweet, earthy tea notes, this strain is the true definition of a pick-me-up, earning its Energizing status as a unique and flavorful Hybrid. Incredibly potent and great for wake and bakes or euphoria on demand at any time of day.


Black Runtz – Indica – 26% THCA | 27% TAC
(Gelato x Zkittlez) Black Runtz is a berrylicious Indica-dominant hybrid that gives radiating, tingling full-body effects with significant couchlock the more you toke. You’ll want to bite into these nugs with notes of dank tropical fruits and pungent berries. It is a fantastic choice for afternoon & nighttime unwinding.

Blue Cherry Gelato – Indica-Dominant Hybrid – 24% THCA | 24% TAC
(Blue Nerds x Lemon Cherry Gelato) Dominant in limonene, myrcene, and linalool, BCG is a potent Indica-dom hybrid that’s perfect for afternoon and nighttime unwinding. Soothing full-bodied effects with full-bodied flavor bursting with bright blueberry fruit notes and smooth cookie butter vanilla undertones.

Craft Reserve Indoor Living Soil Menu:


Stoners Delight- Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | avg. 23% THCA | 24% TAC
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(Tangie Cookie Burger x Double Burger) This strain has an alluring mix of creamy, savory, and zesty orange notes; it boasts unique genetics with intense cerebral effects that linger and a soothing yet energetic body buzz.

Oreo Cookies – Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | 17.97% THCA | 19.00% TAC
(Oreo Cookies x Secret Weapon) Our latest phenotype of Oreo Cookies expressed Sativa-Dominant traits and a beautiful trichome coverage. Cerebrally stimulating while providing deep, relaxing body effects the more you toke. A smooth, creamy smoke with hints of chocolate and diesel.


Super Boof – Hybrid | avg. 26% THCA | 28% TAC
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(Black Cherry x Tropicana Cookies) Super Boof is a citrus lovers’ dream with bright orange and lemon notes being fueled by a pungent and gassy body of aroma. Super Boof is a 2-stage rocket for cerebral effects and full-body relaxation, touting the best of both worlds with its evenly balanced hybrid genetics. If you like flavor and need something well-rounded for blasting off any time of day, Super Boof is an excellent choice.

Sunday Driver- Hybrid | avg. 25% THCA | 26% TAC (Picture Coming Soon)
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(FPOG x Grape Pie) Sweet, earthy, mellow flavors coupled with stress-melting effects makes Sunday Driver the primetime choice for your next day off. Wale and bake, mid-day toking, or nightcap, Sunday Driver is an all-around hit that’s dominant in Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene.


Purple Queen- Indica | 17.62% THCA | 18.09% TAC
(Hindu Kush x Afghani) This green phenotype of Purple Queen is a luxuriously relaxing Indica royalty strain that brings a lot of flavor and full-bodied effects with its Kush lineage. Powerful sedating effects and potent munchies-inducing euphoria makes Purple Queen a great choice for movie nights or unwinding after a long day. Notes of sweet berries and gassy kush.

Purple Punch – Indica | avg. 21% THCA | 22% TAC
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(Grandaddy Purple x Larry OG) Purple Punch is a well-known Indica for its sedating and soothing properties. Sweet smelling and tasting with fresh-baked blueberry and grape notes, this strain also boasts strong physically relaxing effects and is light on cerebral effects. Perfect for nighttime or afternoon unwinding. Dominant in Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Pinene.

Pure Michigan – Indica-Dominant Hybrid | avg. 22% THCA | 24% TAC
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(Oreoz x Mendo Breath) Funk lovers rejoice with Pure Michigan, a giggly and uplifting strain with an incredibly funky nose and palate. This strain is perfect all-day-round as a heavy blanket of euphoria during a nighttime sesh or a calming and soothing tone for your wake and bake. Dominant in Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene.

French Macaroon- Indica-Dominant Hybrid | avg. 22% THCA | 23% TAC
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(Gelato #33 x French Cookies) Gassy, sweet, creamy, French Macaroon is a limited-time strain that will not disappoint. Borrowing delicious dessert notes from both parents, French Macaroon is a flavorful and balanced but relaxing Indica-dominant hybrid with gorgeous bag appeal and aroma.

Wedding Cake – Indica-Dominant Hybrid | avg. 22% THCA | 23% TAC
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) Wedding Cake is a creamy, peppery, and earthy Indica-dom Hybrid that’s dominant in Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene. This strain is perfect for melting into the moment with your favorite game or relaxing activity and is best suited for unwinding in the afternoon or nighttime because of its tranquil effects.

Nine Pound Hammer – Indica | avg. 22% THCA | 24% TAC
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(Gooberry x Jesus OG Kush) A heavyweight Indica that delivers a 1-2 punch of intense cerebral and body effects. These chunky nugs are dense and full of zest and funk with a heavy myrcene content. Nine Pound Hammer can be great for sedation, munchies, and melting into the couch after a long day.

Ice Cream Cake – Indica-Dominant Hybrid | avg. 19% THCA | 21% TAC
COA tested on early-harvested samples & does not reflect matured potency.
(Wedding Cake x Gelato #33) Ice Cream Cake blends creamy dank notes with sweet vanilla and gassiness to form a delicious profile. This Indica-Dominant Hybrid provides deep full-body relaxation and plenty of euphoria, making it a great choice for movie night or relaxing after an intense workout. Great for couchlock and sedating effects in high doses.

What is THCA? 

THCA, or THC Acid, is the acid form of Delta-9 THC that develops naturally in cannabis/hemp plants. Once converted through heat, light, oxygen, or chemical reactions, THCA converts into active Delta-9 THC. THCA is legal because, chemically, it is NOT active Delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC, or the amount in a product, is the only distinguishing feature that legally separates “cannabis” from “hemp” when they are the same plant. This makes hemp legal for THCA, CBDA, and CBGA, but not active THC that exceeds 0.3% by dry weight basis. This makes our THCA flower federally compliant!

Is Hemp-Derived THC Different Than Cannabis-Derived THC?

In short, there is no difference. Hemp is cannabis, and cannabis can be hemp. Hemp is a legal distinction- not a physical one, for cannabis grown under the 0.3% Delta-9 THC limit and is usually produced for cannabinoids like CBDA, CBGA, or THCA. Delta-9 THC, THCA, and other cannabinoids like CBDA and CBDGA are all naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids that are found in various strains of cannabis. These are the same compounds, no matter the source! Same effects, same relief, same plant, but with a legal way for us to provide it to you.

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Mach 4 Craft Reserve, Grape Ape Craft Reserve, Purple Kush Craft Reserve, GPG Craft Reserve, Ice Cream Cake Craft Reserve, Oreo Cookies Craft Reserve, Aurora Craft Reserve, Jiffy Cookies Craft Reserve, Black Runtz Craft Reserve, Truffle Runtz Craft Reserve, Sunset Sherbert #2 Craft Reserve, Thin Mintz Craft Reserve, Apples & Bananas Craft Reserve, Stoners Delight Craft Reserve, GMO Craft Reserve, Purple Queen Craft Reserve, AK-47 Craft Reserve, LA Sunrise Craft Reserve, French Macaroon Craft Reserve, Super Boof Craft Reserve, Ghost Train Haze Craft Reserve, PineAppley Craft Reserve, Apple Jax Dragons Cut, Northern Lights Dragons Cut, Pineapple Express Dragons Cut, 9lb Hammer Craft Reserve, Green Crack Craft Reserve, Pablo's Revenge Dragon's Cut, Viper Cookies Dragon's Cut, Sticky Grapes Craft Reserve, Alien Hallucination Dragon's Cut, SWATZ Craft Reserve, Wedding Cake Craft Reserve, Goji Berry Dragon's Cut, PPD Dragon's Cut, Cartel Cake Dragon's Cut, Pure Michigan Craft Reserve, Purple Punch Craft Reserve, Cookies & Cream Craft Reserve, London Pound Cake Connoisseur, Jealousy Connoisseur, Apple Fritter Connoisseur, Alien ET Connoisseur, Black Runtz Connoisseur, Pineappley Craft Reserve, Lemon Runtz Connoisseur, Blue Cherry Gelato Connoisseur, Sunday Driver Craft Reserve


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Reviews (32)

32 reviews for Top-Shelf THCA Hemp Flower

  1. zachknightt (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing… please restock for the love of God. <3

  2. Allen

    I love this stuff. I’ve had Cheese, G4, Wedding Cake, Mule Fuel, and Dump Truck. They’re all good. All seem to be well grown crops to me: no seeds, no mold, and they all have a nice sweet smell. The indoor strains look and smell a little bit better than the outdoor ones, but not by much.

    It could all be trimmed be a little better, but I honestly don’t mind the leaves- it makes it better to roll up with since it’s fluffy.

    The effects are perfect. Nice smooth buzz. Not too strong, just right. Smooth landing too, no lingering grogginess or headaches. These are just perfect flowers, in my opinion. I’ll keep buying these from Snapdragon for as long as they grow them.

  3. Kendall (verified owner)

    This is some very nice flower with a smooth taste and really phenomenal effects.

  4. Rob (verified owner)

    Very well done flower with solid effects and the quality you would expect from Snapdragon.Order arrived well packaged and in great shape and the included Integra pack is a nice touch.Very happy with my orders and will be making more.

  5. LwnMowrMan (verified owner)

    Gets me lifted great effects.

  6. Joe mama says

    There flower is full of terpenes and have a really developed THCA trichomes giving each strain a unique profile. Flower is also packaged very well with humidity packs. Legit GAS

  7. Ness (verified owner)

    Smells and tastes great. Far from trash. Mellow and relaxing.

  8. Phatboy (verified owner)

    Wonderful aroma, smooth taste and very effective. Flower is very well packaged with humidity packs. Highly recommended! Would buy again!

  9. Roosevelt

    That bent cookies omg is so crazy good… I definitely appreciate snap dragon hemp for this gem… 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Don

    GMO: 3 words: OMG!!! I forgot what I was gonna say?

  11. Don

    I agree with R. Neeley about Bent Cookies, but could not find the lab sheet on this cultivar. 🧨

    • Alec

      Hi, Don!

      We’re happy to hear you enjoyed the Bent Cookies batch! We are no longer offering this strain and have discontinued it from our COA directory, be on the lookout for some new Cookie crosses and other great new strains coming soon.

      Thanks and enjoy!

  12. jaykin1893 (verified owner)

    I’ve had d8 products/hemp flower in the past and they have always choked me up severely but this is not even in the same ball park……..This review is the following after trying thca flower for the first time and I must say I’m absolutely blown away with everything about it. I purchased the GPG and it is so unexpectedly smooth with a well rounded flavor, the smell has a sweet herbal/earthy aroma that is very soothing and is accompanied by a smooth enjoyable toke that doesn’t choke me up at all……I’m a moderately seasoned smoker with an extremely high tolerance for edibles, flowers, concentrates you name it I’ve enjoyed it. And the thca flower is 100% phenomenal!!! I highly recommend!!!!!

  13. Pam (verified owner)

    The THCa flower amazed me!

  14. Logan (verified owner)

    faster than expected shipping. great product, super happy

  15. Dani (verified owner)

    The flower was way better then I imagined, experienced a nice body high with euphoric effect. Extreme munchies though!

  16. Joshua (verified owner)

    Jiffy Cookies are absolutely fire 🔥🔥🔥 Hands down the best I’ve had from y’all’s hemp flower line. From the look, to the nose and taste it’s exquisite, had one bowl and the effects are smackin’.

  17. dblane24 (verified owner)

    Ordering was pretty easy, & pickup in store was a breeze. Like that option a lot. The flower was good & I was really glad to see the price being lowered!

  18. s359284 (verified owner)

    This flower kind of blew my expectations out of the water. Some others came highly recommended, but failed to impress.

    The eighths showed up already with a humidity pack already in there, and everything was spot-on. Cure was somewhat dense but with some give, returns to form after a pinch–in other words, perfect. The trim job was meticulous, no larf whatsoever–very careful and precise… oh but the smell is what really did it. I went for Jiffy Cookies and ICC, both having the baked goods notes in there. ICC was a little smoother like it should be and Jiffy had that distinct musk as with other peanut butter strains like Dosidos and Peanut Butter Breath. In all seriousness with some other vendors I was opening several bags waiting for one that didn’t smell like hay. The nice smells of these two Snap strains did also translate well into taste, and the effects were there.

    I am well set for awhile but nicely done Snapdragon, I’ll definitely be giving your flower another go sometime in the near future!

  19. Sarita (verified owner)

    A1 quality broo don’t regret nothing better then most apples was fire lit

  20. thebanditsmokey (verified owner)

    Top shelf flower. Nuff said.

  21. Lyrus (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of hybrid strains, and Apples and Bananas is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s got the perfect balance of sativa and indica effects, so it’s great for both day and night use. I love the sweet and fruity flavor, and the effects are always uplifting and energetic. I also find that Apples and Bananas helps me to be more creative and focused.

    Overall, I highly recommend Apples and Bananas to anyone looking for a great hybrid strain. It’s my new favorite!

  22. Jasmine (verified owner)

    They’re the best!

  23. kingarttom8 (verified owner)

    Apple Jacks won’t disappoint. Alluring aroma and flavor!

  24. Alan (verified owner)

    Got a 1/2 Oz of Apple Jax Dragon Cut and they threw in some free infused honey sticks. The honey sticks were a bit crystallized but they melt pretty easily in hot water for tea. The Apple Jax flower burns really smooth and smells fruity and fresh.

  25. blake (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express and Jiffy Cookies are top notch, some of the best, we get them weekly; however, they do not show up as an option to buy online the last few days that I looked. We received the honey sticks as a GWP and they were really good. The cookies and brownies are amazing and work fantastic. I just wish that Pineapple Express and Jiffy Cookies showed up as an option, as I have tried: Nine Pound Hammer, Green Cookies , Apple Jacks, Oreo Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, and Stoners Delight, but they were not as effective as the Pineapple Express nor the Jiffy Cookies. With all that being said, this is an AMAZING store and they staff at Cleveland are so nice and knowledgeable and very helpful. Please stop in and give them your business, they are top notch! Best find of the year!

  26. sab.martin1119 (verified owner)

    I have always been really impressed with the flower here. Also I really have loved every product I’ve received here. The honey sticks they have sent are incredible. Their cbd chapstick and topicals are amazing. Their edibles are outstanding. Snapdragon is my go-to, I love them so much.

  27. Lisa (verified owner)

    Great strain! Ice Cream Cake will give a nice, relaxing result…and I slept great!

  28. Tristyn (verified owner)

    Best THCA flower I’ve tried! Really potent and decent price for it too. Tried Orea Cookies and Ice Cream Cake and both hit niceee.

  29. schelo1 (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of their THC products, especially their hemp. My favorite strain is the stoner delight so I hope they keep that in stock as I would love to order more.

  30. Blythe (verified owner)

    Happy customer here the staff is friendly and the price is right online makes it easy to sit back at home and let someone else drive for once my 16 year old inner self is so jealous

  31. April

    My girlfriend and I bought some of this for my birthday weekend. We happened upon Snapdragon, while on our trip. We both have ADHD and are neurodivergent. I personally have to be careful with the specific strains I use, because most strands increase my anxiety or give me an anxiety. This strain is truly incredible! The flower hits smoothly and taste incredible. It’s a little sticky, but it’s still super easy to roll. While it is definitely a smooth experience all around, it gave us the giggles. Which of course we loved. It helped a lot with both of our anxiety. It did not help with our ADHD, but not many strains do. 😆 I usually do not get the munchies, but this flower definitely increased my appetite. The come down was just as easy as the rest of the experience. I absolutely LOVE wedding cake, and will be buying this flower for the perceivable future!
    The owner of Snapdragon is an absolute delight. They made our experience really wonderful. It was such a pleasure to meet them and support such a gem of a person. We will both be having our flower shipped from their local business going forward!!

  32. Papa Rock Hodnett (verified owner)

    Absolutely Superb Service… ABSOLUTELY SUPERB PRODUCTS!! Start to finish. Snapdragon, you guys and gals rock!! I appreciate you and have no apprehension in recommending to others.

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