Pure CBN Gummies by Snapdragon – 12 Count


12 Count of 25mg gummies in each pack!

Assorted flavors, all Delta 8 infused.


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Tasty and Healthy? Who would’ve guessed?

These Pure CBN Gummies are an amazing source of not only flavor but also a great source of relief! In addition, this product will help with sleep, depression, anxiety, or and a plethora of other issues!

What is CBN?

CBN is known as Cannabinol. It is the compound made when THC ages. Unlike THC, this is not an intoxicating substance. However, this substance still has an array of amazing health benefits!

Well, What are the benefits of our Pure CBN Gummies?

CBN has many helpful and useful properties. In rodent studies, CBN has proven to be a very good Neuroprotectant, Anti-Inflammatory, and appetite stimulator! In addition, CBN has been shown to be a very powerful Anti-bacterial agent!

Contrary to popular belief, CBN is not going to make you sleepy. CBN has a reputation for being sleep-inducing because people found that older strains of Marijuana made them feel sleepy, and they assumed that this was due to the CBN. However, this was not the case. The cause of the “sleepy” feeling was not due to the CBN, rather it was caused by the terpenes inside of the old plant.

Why CBN Gummies?

Well, many people may want to try the amazing effects of CBN but don’t want to vape or use oils. Plus, with these, you will get an amazing tasting gummy! Who doesn’t want that? Pure CBN Gummies are starting to sound better and better by the second!

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