Snapdragon Face Mask – CoronaVirus Protection


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Masks are absolutely essential this year!

Snapdragon Hemp is doing its part in flattening the curve! Our Snapdragon Face Mask is not only useful for fighting against the horrible COVID-19 virus but it is also extremely stylish. Additionally, you’d be repping your favorite CBD brand!

Who is Snapdragon?

We are a Chattanooga based CBD and Hemp company. Our start was in 2016 with a love for tinctures and vape concentrate blends. We pride ourselves on the high-quality CBD that you need for maximum relief and relaxation. Confused about how to vape? Not sure what the difference is between types of CBD? Wondering if what you tried from somewhere else was strong enough? Since we know the CBD world can be confusing, we take steps to guarantee you will not be disappointed with our services and products. We test everything we sell to ensure they are up to Snapdragon standards (Quality over Quantity). Our stores have knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have. Just come on in if you need help or give us a call!

How and why did Snapdragon Start?

Snapdragon Hemp was first founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Josh Manning. He was dealing with an immense amount of pain due to a terrible motorcycle accident. He thought to himself “there has to be a better way to manage pain without a fistful of prescription medications”. Josh decided to try CBD and immediately saw the benefits. This led to a dedication to learning how and why it works so well. Starting with the experimentation of different strains, spectrums, isolates, and terpenes, we believe that we can create the most effective ways to see the benefits of hemp. Now it was just getting others to realize the benefits that could potentially come from CBD! He wanted to share with the world what he had discovered and let everyone see for themselves.

Like what you hear?

Help us grow! Not only can you buy our mask off of our website to rep our brand and share us with your friends, but you can also follow some of the links below to stay updated on what is going on with us! Additionally, check out our other products if you are interested in CBD.

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