Snapdragon 670/335mg Vape Cartridges Broad Spectrum - THC FREE


Snapdragon 670/335mg Vape Cartridges Broad Spectrum – THC FREE

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These broad spectrum CBD cartridges are made with the highest grade oils and all natural terpenes! Each one is guaranteed to deliver a smooth even draw throughout the entire life of the cartridge. Pesticide and heavy metal free, the full certificate of analysis is easily available for you to see. Guaranteed 100% THC free. Available in a full gram cartridge containing 670mg, or a half gram cartridge containing 335 mg.

Flavors available:

Pineapple O. G.

Super Lemon Haze


Cantaloupe Haze



These cartridges are all created by using the highest quality CBD distillate in combination with  all natural terpenes! All cartridges are tested for lead, and pesticide, and the distillate is also tested by a third party for a great quality, guaranteed.  Available in multiple flavors.

Additional information


0.5ml, 1.0ml


Pineapple og, Super lemon haze, Trainwreck, Cantaloupe haze

1 review for Snapdragon 670/335mg Vape Cartridges Broad Spectrum – THC FREE

  1. Nate

    I came to get some CBD at your Hixson Tennessee location, and I met Robert for the first time, he sold me on a vape as it’s the best way to get the CBD into your system. After discussing for half an hour about all my health concerns and with the CDC issuing statements about the vaping incidents, he showed me lab reports from a third party lab and it really eased my mind considering it’s made in-house. After discussing what was going on in the media, come to find out it’s all these sketchy people making cartridges at home and cutting them with chemicals when they shouldn’t be cutting them at all or if they do, it should be with food grade terpenes.

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