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Delta-8 THC Infused Suppositories: 6-Count or 2-Count, 100mg Each


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Delta-8 THC-infused suppositories! Calm your butt down the Snapdragon way.

100mg Delta-8 THC per each 2-gram suppository.

Stable at room temperature, non-irritating, and generally recommended as rectal suppositories with a long history of use in pharmaceutical applications worldwide. It contains emulsifiers that improve the dispersibility of hydrophobic actives. The “torpedo” shape helps the device to travel internally, increasing its efficacy. This is an amazing option if you cannot ingest edibles, dab, or vaporize cannabis.

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Why Use a Suppository?

Suppositories are much more effective for absorption than edibles and tinctures. They bypass the liver and are absorbed through the walls of the rectum, absorbing cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. Some individuals who cannot eat traditionally for any reason, take capsules, or vape/smoke may benefit from Suppositories being the only method of ingestion they can use! Suppositories are a safe and gentle way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive compound similar to Delta 9 THC. It is a hemp-derived THC that is fast-acting, potent, and provides much of the same relief as Delta-9 THC for a fraction of the cost and with milder effects. Delta-8 THC has been studied as early as the 1940s-60s for its interesting pharmacological properties and is still being studied today for other possible therapeutic applications. Today it is one of the most famous cannabinoids besides CBD and Delta-9 THC. We infuse a wide variety of our products with this effective form of THC, and we offer a wide range of sizes for our bulk Delta-8 Distillate. All of our distillate batches are full-panel lab tested for quality and consistency.

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6 Suppositories, 2 Suppositories

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Delta-8 THC Infused Suppositories: 6-Count or 2-Count, 100mg Each

  1. Jaylin

    My husband had to help me insert these into my anus since I’m very squeamish. However, 5/5 effects come on slow and last for hours.
    I find that using 3 at a time inserting one after the other has the best effect. Not to mention this is a great laxative. I did try inserting 6 and definitely will say that is more of a full on experience that lasted a day and a half. Do not try high doses of delta 8 thc I am an experienced stoner and consume large amounts of cannabis daily. I would like to know if I could promote this product on my Instagram since I am already promoting various brands and am a brand ambassador with over 800k followers on Instagram.

    • Josh

      Would LOVE to have help with promoting 😀 and glad to hear to had help with getting the 6 in there, I think we need to have a case study on that effect

  2. Tony (verified owner)

    AMAZING! Beat all expectations. Took first one at 2pm…..another at 3:30pm……..then a 3rd at 7:30pm……What they say about the bum being more “receptive” is completely verified. There is nothing it couldn’t do!!!!!!

  3. Heather (verified owner)

    Helpful for relaxing and relieved pain as stated. Sometimes need to insert more than one at a time to feel total relief.

  4. Steve

    These things hit hard and LAST just don’t be scared to get em up there best with a clean 🧼 buttocks and insert don’t be homophobic about it..these things are a great option for all kinds of people.EVERYTHING FROM SNAP DRAGON 🐉 IS HONESTLY AMAZING! Made with love and it shows.

  5. Heather (verified owner)

    Works great

  6. Nicole

    I really like the idea of delta 8 suppositories however, these were nowhere near the potency I am looking for. To give you some background Im a daily cannabis consumer preferably through dabbing whatever concentrate is highest rated at my dispensary so I do have a high tolerance. I ordered 2 packs and as soon as I got them I tried inserting 4 for what should equal 400mg. Felt what I would feel of smoking 1/4 a joint calm and level headed but nowhere near where I’d like to be. Gifted 2 to my friend who barely ever smokes she turned out to like the way they made her feel. I still had a pack remaining so I decided to go all in and insert 6. This time around I felt a little bit stronger of an effect but still nowhere near the desired effects. I like snapdragons delta 8 products considering I’ve tried various products however I do think they need to up their potency levels for some of the heavier users out there. What would be ideal in my opinion is if they simply made a high potency line of products since alot of people I know have said they bought a few products of here and then never bought again due to low potency. Keep up the good work snapdragon but please take my words into consideration.

    • Alec

      Hello! Thanks for your feedback! We definitely are delving into higher potency products all around, but it’s important to consider the broad range of consumer tolerance. For 100mg, that strength can be overwhelming for a large majority of guests at the low to medium tolerance range. Suppositories also bypass the liver, going straight into the bloodstream, so that experience as well can be intense for anyone not accustomed to higher doses. We definitely appreciate the feedback and product review and will keep this in consideration. Thank you!

  7. James (verified owner)

    I’ll preface this by saying, I love Snapdragon and their products and edibles are high quality and very strong! Also affordable, fast shipping and discrete packaging and cute logo and packaging. I recommended it to all my friends as well. Unfortunately I am really disappointed in this product. I put three up my butt and made sure it was up there lol. Even sat upside down for 10 minutes so it so it melts and goes deeper. I did feel some nice relaxation effects and kinda like a post work out legs feeling.

    However the effect for 100mg is way too subtle. I think they have a really good idea here for a product but I think it’s formulated wrong. The cream base doesn’t absorb very well in the colon I feel like it’s blocking it. I feel like an oil or lube version would work better. In comparison I had their 25 mg edibles and I have to split those in half because they are sooo strong. So it seems off that the effect with 3 suppositories (totaling 300mg) would be so subtle. I am very clean so and empty up there so nothing was blocking the absorption if that’s what you were thinking 😉 lol

    I also think they have to be aware that this might be used in an intimate setting….It was inside for an hour before my partner were intimate afterwards there were lots of dried up flakes on my partner… the suppository just doesn’t absorb well if an hour later it can flake off on someone. Please reformulate, there has to be ingredients that can aid absorption as well. I’m excited to see how this could be improved. I’m going to try an oil extract instead and see how that compares.

    • Alec

      Hello! Thanks so much for your detailed feedback! We’re taking this into thorough consideration. Though we have had some very strong positive reinforcement regarding the strength of our suppositories in the past, it can be tough to dial things in as a 100% crowd pleaser for everyone, given the wide range of diverse body chemistries and other factors that make individual product and cannabinoid experiences very subjective- but getting detailed feedback like this really helps us evolve.

      Also I’d just like to note that there is absolutely no flavor added to our suppositories. It’s made with the V33 Supposi-Plex Suppository Base which is made of vegetable and fatty alcohols as well as other emulsifiers to help absorption. We will be looking at other bases to possibly use, and we can always keep you updated as we experiment further with this product!

  8. thealphe (verified owner)

    32 year-old straight male science nerd, referred here from reddit (altcannabinoids) as an excellent supplier for hemp suppositories: I bought two packs of the 100mg delta 8 suppositories to experiment with, and boy, I was not at all disappointed.

    Immediately after I suspended approximately 100mg micronized CBD isolate with ~2mL water-based lube, and lubricated the entirety of my Back Door Fun Bits with it, I inserted the suppository and a plug to massage and keep in the Good Stuff, and waited around to feel the effects.

    While my tolerance is probably higher than average, 100mg was still a high enough dose to feel the effects for me, most of which hung around between my navel and knees: an incredible, relaxing warmth that slowly expanded ever so slightly with my heartbeat, that reached equilibrium after approximately 90minutes. I couldn’t evaluate the duration of the effects because I ended up having my first prostate orgasm(s) and I collapsed in my bed, exhausted, after what I found out afterward was 4hours of involuntary full-body orgasms lol. No joke. So maybe plan ahead and make arrangements to make noise and probably a mess.

    Anyway, what you actually want to know – the effect in general on all my Back Door Fun Bits was subtle: a slow wave, expanding an aura of warm comfort, expanding with my heartbeat. The vasculature of the Indoor Fun Bits was clearly dilated to a pleasurable extent, and in general, felt slightly more engorged, leading to a significant, but not-at-all-overwhelming, increase in sensitivity. Within approximately 10minutes, the pleasure wave began to travel to and through my Dangly Pleasure Bits, leading to a very slight increase of bloodflow and sensitivity, but not counterproductively so. The effect on endurance and duration of stiffness seemed to be a wash, but I don’t have trouble with that (yet? God forbid!). And while I may not be a doctor, I feel pretty comfortable in predicting that the increase of bloodflow to all of the relevant parts would logically help guys suffering from ED. Another plan for these is to help with body aches and soreness from the flu, but I haven’t needed to, thank God!

    All-in-all, no discomfort, irritation or any other negative side effects to report. The only general warning I can give is to try half if you don’t have a tolerance to delta 8 – you COULD get high from these – I didn’t get a mind high at all from these, but individual physiologies and diets may affect absorption, and I have quite the tolerance, so take it easy the first time, just in case. Also, make sure to let it absorb for as long as you can before doing much, preferably with some gentle massage – seems to help with getting things going. Also, take note that you’re going to be putting approximately 2mL of what amounts to lube in your hiney and behave accordingly.

    A legitimate 5-star review, will be ordering at least 2 more packs ASAP. Enjoy yourself, I know I did!


    PS. I almost knocked them a point for these not being given out for free on every street corner, but I eventually relented. Hey – maybe one day?

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