D8 Infused Cookies (Two Pack) 40mg Each

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Freshly baked cookies – made to order! Each pack contains 2 of our amazing sugar cookies

These 40mg Delta 8 infused cookies are considered potent, please remember to use responsibly.

The sugar cookies are on rotation of the following flavors (they are made at random) – lemon, vanilla, orange, blueberry, blue dream and strawberry



Freshly baked cookies – made to order! One order is considered a two pack of delicious cookies.

Made in house and expertly infused with 40mg of Delta 8 distillate per a cookie, these cookies will definitely cure that sweet tooth.

We have the following delectable flavors on rotation for sugar cookies: Lemon, Vanilla, Orange, Blueberry, Strawberry

We also have peanut butter and chocolate chip!

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5 reviews for D8 Infused Cookies (Two Pack) 40mg Each

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    Received these very fast. Ate 3/4 of one a chocolate chip cookie, effects were very pleasant and not very different from brownies I would normally make myself with AVB from normal bud. Other than an issue with my order, I had a great experience with Snapdragon and look forward to my next order.

  2. Joseph Spencer (verified owner)

    All I have to say is wow. I have been vaping D8 for going on a little over two months now. Absolutely love the stuff.

    I also recently tried the SnapDragon Indica Honeystick and it was incredible.

    However, this chocolate chip cookie just put me on my butt harder thanI could’ve imagined. It might have been my empty stomach, but I felt the effects for a solid 4-5 hours.

    I ate the entire 30mg cookie with a cup of coffee this afternoon around 2:30. By about 3 I was starting to feel very relaxed. Back pain gone. Anxiety free. I was blasting through some work with a clear mind.

    As I finished up for the day around 4:30, I really started to notice the changes. The colors on my monitor were incredibly vibrant. Boy was I in for a treat.

    Around 5 I was couch locked. Relaxed. Resting in a sun ray coming through my window. Absolute bliss.

    It wasn’t until about 7-7:30 that I started to really come down. I never felt any anxiety. I just felt so insanely peaceful.

    9.5/10. These things pack a punch.

  3. Alexdeg14 (verified owner)

    Purchased the Chocolate Chip and they were a TREAT! Not only did they taste great they also made me feel super relaxed and comfortable! Highly recommend!

  4. Danny

    These are delicious!! You wouldn’t even know that they were edibles, they taste just like normal cookies. The effects are amazing, you can tell that they’re full spectrum and in my experience makes the high more well rounded. They’re very potent, so keep that in mind! As usual, all of snapdragons edibles are awesome, I definitely recommend trying these!!

  5. Lennox (verified owner)

    I order the flavored sugar cookies and I cannot wait to order more. These indica cookies had me feeling way more mellow and sleepy than the sativa rice krispies, and although both are great, the cookie is good for me to take closer to nighttime in order to help me get to sleep. I feel so restful and good when I have just half of a cookie. Love these!

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