Delta 8 Infused Moonrocks

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Snapdragon Moonrocks

 Infused Nugs – Super High Potency

  • 395mg cannabinoids  per gram
  • Hemp terpene enriched

Indoor CBD flower rolled in distillate + covered in grade A Kief

CBD Milligrams
200 mg of CBD
THC Milligrams
197 mg of THC
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Looking for Some Super Relief?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our Super Full Spectrum Infused CBD Moonrocks are absolutely powerful! Relief from any issue from stress to pain!

Super Full Spectrum Uses

Our Super Full Spectrum is very useful in many cases. It can help with everything from anxiety and depression, to even help with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss diseases. This can also relieve pain, boost libido, and helps with nausea. Our Super Full-spectrum is designed to target the part of the brain that deals with the “Fight or Flight” response. Meaning it is very very useful against anxiety and depression.

Who is this Good for?

Short answer? Those struggling with the aforementioned issues. Aka, Depression, anxiety, pain, nausea, low libido, and even memory loss diseases like Altzheimers. If you’re struggling with any of these issues, then give this stuff a try!!!

Not Looking for this Product?

Now, this product can be pretty taunting I think we can all agree. Don’t understand that? Just look up the definition of “CBD Suppository”. We promise your jaw may drop. With that being said, if you are not looking for this type of consumption, then check out our other types of Super Full Spectrum or CBD stuff!

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8 reviews for Delta 8 Infused Moonrocks

  1. Charles McAleer (verified owner)

    I just got nine I. the mail this morning 8/12, orderd them late sunday night. I am extremely pleased with this product, the flower is a indica(my favorite), the keef kinda got absorbed by the d8, but it burns fantastic in a bubbler. I will buy more and recommend it for anyone looking for an alternative to cartridges or edibles for pain relief and anxiety/depression

  2. steve ghiozzi (verified owner)

    Hellyahellya! Just received this morning and decided to try a little put a little in my bowl/bubbler and it hits hard tastes delicious and is DEFFINATLY a true indica strain full body relaxation. Willl be adding this tobmy arsenal. Lol iam going to need a whole bin for my snap dragon products…would kill for a store like this near me..but NOONE will ever compare their quality and customer service compared to Snap 🐉! Deff buy worth every cent.

  3. T R (verified owner)

    This stuff has the perfect balance of cannabinoids. It’s heavy hitting and smokes great. For anyone looking for some quality hemp flower, I would definitely try this combination.

  4. Juan Corpus (verified owner)

    I have purchased this product twice so far, both time its arrived very quickly. This product if phenomenal and its great to vape. I use an Arizer Air 2, usually vape between 380F and 390F with the extended mouth piece which holds around .3 grams. Even at this temp it creates a lot of vapor. I do have to sandwich the Moonrock between some CBD flower, only because they are loaded with Delta 8 distillate and don’t want to clog my unit. It smells good, tastes great, and is awesome for vaping, and It can really enhance whatever flower you are using if you mix it in. Makes me feel relaxed, calm, body heavy/ couch locked effect, no issues with concentration at my dosage, highly recommend it.

  5. steve ghiozzi (verified owner)

    Just got another 5 grams today put it inbmy bubbler and godamn…the bus looks extremley quality the whole 5 gz is 2 huge nugs and they are COVERED in distiallate and kif but damn it smokes just like hash..actually remindsme of old school hash similar effect. I gotta atep it up and get the halfie next time…if your thinking. Placing qn order Do IT! This site ia the beat i have ever been on. No bull

  6. Jesse Morris (verified owner)

    The real deal. Awesome stuff. Buy now this what you want.

  7. Michael Festa (verified owner)

    This stuff is magical… This product is perfect. The state of euphoria is amazing.

  8. nick roatch (verified owner)

    where is the lab sheets

    • Josh

      We have them posted in the photo gallery on the item

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