Delta 8 Infused Honey Jars

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Sweetened indica super full spectrum sticks in a jar! COA in photos
2oz Squeeze Bear – 500mg D8 and 10-11 sticks inside
4oz Jar – 1000mg D8 and 21-22 honey sticks inside

Mothers CBD/D8
250mg CBD / 250mg D8 per 2oz

Mothers Orange CBG/D8
250mg CBG / 250mg D8 per 2oz



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Love our Famous Honey Sticks??? Do we have a deal for you!

Customers love the amazing Snapdragon Honey Sticks! Now we are selling the same honey we use in that amazing product in bulk! If you love our Honey Stick you will for SURE love our Honey Jars!

Why a Honey Jar?

The honey in our Honey Jars is not only very potent but it is also very easy to take. Simply put into the mouth and ingest, it’s honey for God’s sake! Afterward, the effects should take anywhere from 1-2 hours to take effect. Then, depending on how much of the stick you took, will have anywhere from moderate to very strong relief! The Honey Sticks that are made with this honey are also a fan favorite! Check out this review!

These honey sticks taste great! Sweet honey with a smidge of hemp flavor. Effects are pretty amazing. Had an indica stick and felt pure relaxation vibes. Takes around 1-2 hours to hit. Enhances my headphone jams and YouTube video rabbit holes.

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the Marijuana plant. Unlike Marijuana, this chemical is not psychoactive. While that is the case, it does have a plethora of health benefits.

CBD is renowned for helping with many issues such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Physical pain. With the risk of medication for the aforementioned issues (such as addiction, overdose, etc…), many people have turned to CBD and Hemp for relief.  Hemp provides a natural, yet sufficient solution for these issues.

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Additional information


2oz Bear, 4oz Jar

Cannabinoid Ratio

Sweetened D8, Mother's CBD/D8

26 reviews for Delta 8 Infused Honey Jars

  1. Jesse (verified owner)

    Put some in my coffee everyday. Amazing stuff. Favorite cannabinoid edible yet. Been using honey sticks for months and the jar is so nice and convenient compared to the sticks.

  2. steve ghiozzi (verified owner)

    JUST received my 2 jars of 4 oz each..1st off love the old fashioned apothecary look to the jars! I will deffinatly be saving them..i immediately put 1 gram in my mouth because i ran out of 🍯 and had to go back to muacle relaxers. I can already feel it taking effect..i really love the convience of this. This is a MUST have for whatever it is that ails you. Thank you snap dragon 🐉! Customer for life in me.

  3. Z (verified owner)

    This honey should be put inside of Fort Knox,it’s basically gold.
    Best stuff I have tried that I can notice full effects, I take 2.5ml a day and it last me 4-5hrs.
    Recommend for anybody and everybody.
    Makes the day feel like a nice warm chill sunny day in the beach

  4. Melissa D ARRIAZA (verified owner)

    Taste good , work great in tea and amazing effects! I will repurchase a bigger size

  5. Leah (verified owner)

    This honey is delicious! Great taste & very effective. I will definitely purchase more!

  6. Mr. Ak47 (verified owner)

    This stuff is legit. Took a spoonful of it the day I got it, and about an hour later was melting into the couch. Not a super heavy D8 user, and the tablespoon I consumed proved to be too much for me. Granted, I’m a bigger guy (6’2” 225lbs) and it knocked me on my ass. Ended up going to bed two hours after consuming, wouldn’t let the girlfriend touch me, just wanted to be left alone.

    I was on a different planet.

    Woke up, still felt the effects of it. Finally wore off more than 12 hours later.

    If you’re looking for a solid THC infused edible, look no further.

  7. Kyle (verified owner)

    Honey was really good however wasn’t that strong. Ate the whole 25g bottle and barely felt the effects.

    • Josh

      what!! that is an odd one, we will reach out

  8. Dennis Adams (verified owner)

    Great product! Fastest kicking in and very strong, for a great price. I just ordered more!

  9. Nate (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! It taste great and you can use it for anything. Coffee, Tea, Toast it works great with it all. The effects are wonderful and relaxing. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

  10. Steve Ghiozzi (verified owner)

    Buyingnmore now….what is the best wqybtonget a rose similar one stick..?

  11. Steve Ghiozzi (verified owner)

    Absolutley love this stuff i had i ounces ehich held me for a while COULD REALLY TELL A DIFFERENCE INNTHE BENEFITS WHEN I RAN OUT…love the new jars easier access the old ones were beautiful but theee r more conveinent..this is the only product i cant live without from any vendor but snapdragon! I need to get more 4 oz bottles asap. They help with pain anxiety even down to an upset stomach i could go on and on.made with genuine love.

  12. MarkC (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal! Spectacular effects, taste is amazing and I will continue to order this honey for a long time to come. It’s wonderful in a cup of coffee or right off a spoon. All of Snapdragon Products are some of the best on the market. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and you will love the wonderful delta8 effects it has to offer!

  13. Adam F (verified owner)

    My first introduction to full spectrum was the honey sticks. I HAD to get some honey jars!.
    Relaxing, helpful for anxiety, and sleep.
    Thanks snapdragon.

  14. Jared (verified owner)

    Good stuff, really good price and based in my home state. Wish they were closer so I could visit the store

  15. Anonymous Buyer (verified owner)

    I just want to say in terms of taste, effects, and feeling safe consuming products; Snapdragon is the only company i buy from!! This honey is strong and gives great feelings. Helps me sleep having sleep apnea and anxiety.. Never stop making quality products that actually work and are of high standard, thank you! ☺

  16. Heather (verified owner)

    I grabbed the small bear after seeing reviews, and it definitely lived up to the hype. I’ll be buying the big bottles from now on. I was pretty desperate for some relief from suffocating anxiety and this stuff does the trick so nicely.

  17. MarkC (verified owner)

    Bought the small bottle and absolutely love it. Taste is amazing + the incredible therapeutic effects it provides! I love it in my coffee or right off a spoon! Definitely Recommended and I’ll be buying more!

  18. ahutsonsooner (verified owner)

    Wow! This stuff is amazing and you can use on on food or drink. Very strong!! This is the best edible ive ever had delta 8 and I will be buying as much as I can. Recommend the big bottle worth every penny. Thanks Snapdragon for an amazing product.

  19. Donna

    I have ordered 3 times now the products are top shelf and customer service is excellent. Will continue to buy from this shop.

  20. Elizabeth Knight (verified owner)

    Never having tried edibles, I was extremely surprised and impressed with the effects, flavor and quality. I WILL be ordering more.

  21. Rose

    LOVE this product. I feel like a new person. My anxiety is more under control than it has been in years. The bitter aftertaste is easy to mask if you mix this in with coffee, but i also love stirring it into my tea. Really enjoyed the glass bottle it comes in. Will definitely re-purchase!

  22. Rose (verified owner)

    This is great to stir into coffee. My mood has never been better.

  23. Linnette (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this!

  24. Jenni Sons (verified owner)

    Delta 8 Infused Honey jars are Phenomenal!! You can put a half spoonful of honey ion your hot coffees or tea in the morning to start your day off right Or a spoonful at night for relaxation. I am telling everyone this delicious honey is amazing. I personally think the adorable little bears are too small for me because I never want to run out!! Try this she said!! You won’t be disappointed!

  25. Alex Novikov (verified owner)

    Love the honey,
    The honey is crazy good but can be pretty strong in my experience.

    Would recommend

  26. Alec T Baechle (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product. We first tried the honey sticks when we purchased them in a brick and mortar store and when we found the jars could be shipped we ordered immediately. It is wonderful in aiding with sleep and anxiety!

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