Delta 8 Infused Granola Bar (Indica/Sativa)

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40mg total cannabinoids in each granola bar!

Currently sold out of Sativa.

THC Milligrams
60 mg of THC


Why try the CBD Granola Bars?


The CBD Granola Bars can be eaten in the morning before a day of work, to increase your focus and decrease stress (Sativa), or can be taken an hour or so before bed to relax and help sleep (Indica).

Why CBD?

CBD is renowned for helping with many issues such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Physical pain. With the risk of medication for the aforementioned issues (such as addiction, overdose, etc…), many people have turned to CBD and Hemp for relief.  Hemp provides a natural, yet sufficient solution for these issues.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

Both have different use-case scenarios. Indica is more a night time use, due to the fact that it makes you relax and feel somewhat tired.  Sativa is more for daytime relief, due to it’s energizing effect.


Indica has a few effects. People describe the feeling as “body heavy” from an Indica strain. In addition, this strain is very good for pain relief, sleep aid, appetite stimulation, and relaxation.


Sativa is more of a daytime strain. It stimulates the brain. People have described the feeling as “uplifting” and “euphoric”. This strain is very good for energy, creativity, and alertness.


Both still give all the desired effects from CBD, one just may do it better than the other. To elaborate, if the desired outcome is pain relief at night so one can fall asleep, Indica would be the way to go. However, if the desired outcome is to be able to focus and creative, then a Sativa strain may be more conducive to that need.

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1 review for Delta 8 Infused Granola Bar (Indica/Sativa)

  1. Arkuden

    I will start off by noting that I received this treat over 2 months after the bake date so I was not sure what to expect with it. I found that while it was preserved well, it had become rather solid and took quite a while to chew. It was only after the effects were kicking in that my jaw soreness disappeared. I get a fond reminder of fruit cake when eating it but the bitterness of the distillate could be easily picked up from the first bite. It seems that the combination of nuts, dried fruit, oats and honey is not enough to mask the distillate like the other treats I’ve tried from SnapDragon.

    My experience was a medium-level body effect that kept me comfortably on the couch for a movie and some rounds of MarioKart8 races. I never felt like I was sedated or overly tired but I didn’t have any troubles falling to sleep. I woke up without any groggy after effects or hang-over. The flavors, while good, did very little to mask the bitterness that I can taste from ingesting delta 8 distillate. I would likely opt for a different edible treat like the coffee cake.

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