Colt's Rosin CBD Oil…


Colt’s Rosin CBD Oil 630mg Full Spectrum


We started with quality Hemp flower, washed and created bubble hash, then pressed the hash in a 25 Micron bag at low temp to create an amazing CBD Rosin.

The rosin was then blended in to a carrier oil to create a highly potent all natural CBD tincture

Each 15ml  bottle tested at 630mg of cannabinoids. This is a Solventless (chemical free) product.


“Colt’s Rosin” 630mg CBD
15ml bottle
Ingredients: Coconut oil (MCT), Full spectrum Rosin, Sunflower lecithin


This particular blend of CBD oil is made with apressed extract base. The rosin in this tincture is made by filtering the kief through micron filtration and heat to make a solventless distillate. If you’re a fan of solventless extraction, this is the tincture for you. We’ve added sunflower lecithin to increase bio-availability. No terpene additives or flavoring. A truly PURE rosin based tincture. Full spectrum made in Chattanooga Tennessee in-house at Snapdragon Hemp. Small batch product, limited supply.


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