CBD-Infused Vegan Baked Goods


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CBD-Infused Vegan Baked Goods

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You’re sure to achieve a wave of deliciousness and then relief with our amazing in house edibles.

All completely Vegan and organic, we have 40mg cookies, 85mg granola bars, and 100mg brownies!



All of our carefully hand-crafted baked goods are make with only the highest quality full spectrum CBD concentrates, and other organic ingredients.

85mg Granola Bar:

The Noke’s Granola Bar collaboration involved a “special” granola bar, the R&R bar. Created with all natural ingredients that are supplements for anxiety, Rest & Relaxation.

Ingredients: Oats, Sliced Almonds, Almond butter, Maple syrup, Blueberries, Hemp seeds, 85mg Full spectrum Hemp, Dark chocolate.

200mg Ganja Brownie:

The most recent batch is always the best batch and these are no exception. We recommend each brownie to be 8 servings so start with just a piece at first if you have never tried Cannabis.

Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Maple Syrup, Flour, Almond Flour, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Soy Milk, Baking Powder, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Extract, Salt

40mg Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ingredients: Flour, canola oil, almond milk, brown sugar, sugar, vanilla extract, baking soda, chocolate chips, salt,

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40mg Cookies, 85mg Granola, 200mg Brownie

1 review for CBD-Infused Vegan Baked Goods

  1. kay toca (verified owner)

    The brownie is delicious and just a little really helped me relax and sleep. Thank you so much Snapdragon. Just placed another order.

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