Approved Face Masks 4 Count


These surgical grade masks are perfect for protection during COVID-19 season. Grab a 4 pack today!


Snapdragon Hemp is here for our community during these trying times. Check out our new mask and hand sanitizer selection!

COVID-19 Is Still on the Rise!

With the numbers of COVID-19 still rising and all the panic buying going on, face masks are 100 times harder to find. When you can find them they are horrendously overpriced! For just 10 dollars you can get enough medical-grade face masks for a family of up to 4!

Why Face Masks?

While there are many falsified articles out there saying that face masks don’t stop the spread of COVID-19, masks do help. They don’t help in the way most think though. Instead of protecting you from other people’s germs, they actually keep your germs from getting on others. Masks we’re originally for surgeons to keep their work are sterile by keeping their germs within the confines of the mask.

Wear Your Face Mask! Do Your Part!

Keep yourself and your family from infecting other people! Be considerate of your peers and your neighbors! This virus will go away but only if we fight it as a Unified Front and take this seriously.

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