Snapdragon Honey Sticks - D8 + CBD + D9


Snapdragon Honey Sticks – D8 + CBD + D9

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With these nano emulsified honey sticks made from delicious local honey and packed with cannabinoids, you’re sure to get the relief you need today!

With our new lineup, you can get a selection of great honey infused with Full Spectrum CBD, RSO Style CBD, or a stick that’s completely THC Free!

Sweetened Indica –  40mg Delta 8 + 2mg CBD + 8mg D9 blend with a super clean sweet honey taste made from our famous Sweetened flower grown in Dayton, TN

Mothers Honey –  20mg Delta 8 + 20mg CBD + 10mg D9 blend has a hempy flavor with a great daytime full spectrum effect

THC Free – 75mg of pure CBD with 0.0000 THC



Tired of seeing low potency honey sticks? Snapdragon has made this awesome infused honey that’s sure to blow anything you’ve tried right out of the water!

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Sweetened Indica, Mother's Honey, THC Free


1, 3, 7, 30, 100

1 review for Snapdragon Honey Sticks – D8 + CBD + D9

  1. Chokinchocobo23 (verified owner)

    Found out about this product through Reddit as I will be reviewing it on there as well.

    First off I gotta say this arrived at the perfect time. I have been dealing with a bad migraine and stomach issues for the past 3 days. I’ve been trying everything I could think of to feel better.

    Originally I was going to wait on trying out one of the honeysticks, but figured now would be the best time to see if it would help. I’m almost in disbelief. I consumed half of one of the Mother Orange sticks and my nausea was gone within the next 20 minutes. For some it might take longer to take effect, but for some reason things work on me rather quickly.

    I’d highly recommend this for nausea and migraines. The price is really nice as well. Perfect ratio of cannabinoids.

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