12oz Delta 8 infused Peanut Butter 500mg Jar

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12oz Peanut butter jar infused with 500mg Delta 8

It’s finally here Snapdragon family!! We have finally been able to get our peanut butter sticks into a peanut butter jar so our product can last you a littler longer!

42mg of Delta 8 per a 1oz of peanut butter, a serving size would be best described as one tablespoon or around 21mg.

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It’s here!!

We had so much demand for our infused peanut butter sticks that we went ahead and did 12oz jars for our customers!!

Each 12oz jar is infused in house with 500mg of our own Delta 8 thc

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1 review for 12oz Delta 8 infused Peanut Butter 500mg Jar

  1. Dina

    I like this peanut butter a lot! It’s very creamy and tastes great, especially on bread. I ate a tablespoon or two on its own too, it has an aftertaste if you don’t put it on anything, but it’s negligible and still tastes delicious.

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