What's Your Vibe?

Energize means starting your day with cannabis-fueled energy like a ray of sunshine. Wake & bake and keep your day floating sky high with some of our uplifting Sativa THCA Strains and Sunrise Gummies & Shots, as well as our new Dragon Fuel Energy Drink!
High-strength cannabis products formulated for a truly intense psychoactive experience. Indulge your high tolerance with our 100mg Delta-9 THC cookies, 250mg Delta-8 Super Edibles, and our 100mg Canna Bliss.
Happy, giggly, euphoric. One of the most sought-after effects of high-potency THC products is that they can lift your mood and get the laughs going. We offer elevating and potent options, from classic Hybrid THCA Flower & Concentrate Strains to expertly infused D9 Gummies, Edibles, & more.
Chill out with our custom edibles and gummies designed for a not-too-overwhelming experience for low tolerances and people looking for a tranquil and calming time. D9/CBD Blood Orange Canna Bliss, Delta-8 THC Gummies, Borderline Tincture, Delta-8 Distillate and more..
We are big advocates of using cannabis for it’s Restful and calming properties to wind down at night, calm down a stressful day, or to truly relax at the end of a long week. Heavy Indicas and CBN blends to soothe and de-stress. Sunset Shots & Gummies to promote deep sleep and full-body relaxation.
Tinctures, Topicals, Capsules, and other cannabinoid-infused products designed to effortlessly blend into your daily regimen. We offer a wide range of Broad & Full Spectrum products designed for minimal psychoactive effects and to effortlessly achieve Zen .
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