How to Use Bulk D8 THC Video

How to Use Bulk D8 THC Video

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“So now I’m going to show you how to get the D-8 into a usable state. So as we talked about earlier, the delta 8, whenever it is at room temperate, will never move.”

Getting it to a Usable Viscosity

“To get it to a usable viscosity, I usually set my heat plate to around 140-160 degrees depending on how patient you are. 140 degrees is the ideal temperature. If it is infused with terpenes, do NOT go over 140 degrees. So right now our water temperature is 144 degrees. It’s been sitting at 144 degrees for about 20-25 minutes now. So as you saw before versus now, it’s ready to use. The viscosity of this couldn’t be more perfect for prep, whether it be cartridge prep or syringe prep.”

Getting it into Desired Container

“So once you get your Delta 8 all to 140 degrees and there are no solid spots in the center, we really like the all-flex syringe. I’ve got them in 25ml and 50ml options. To do the cartridge we use a 12-gauge, 1/2 inch tip, Luer lock syringe that goes on the end of the gun. Our temperature on our heating element on the controller is 150 degrees. You can get by at 135-140 degrees but it’s gonna make it a little more difficult. It’s in a sealed environment and we have not had any issue with loss of terpenes or anything like that. Then if we are doing the cartridge filling, we use a male to male Luer Lock adapter. It just goes on the end of your syringe gun and then you take the cap off of this (motioning at syringe). Then you click it and fill it. Super easy! This right here (motioning towards syringe) is going to make your life 50 times easier when it comes to filling these syringes.”


“If you’re doing this where you’re going to be heating up your delta 8 THC on a hot plate or a griddle to between 140-180, your quality of what you’re going to make isn’t going to be quite there. We take a lot of pride in the right temperatures, the correct times, doing it quickly, and the right way. If we can pass on the knowledge to those of you buying from us in bulk, then that’s what we are here for. You have any more questions feel free to check out more but this is a great introduction on how to D-8 at home, the right way!”

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