How to Cold Start a Dab

December 30, 2021

Welcome back to another installment in our Snapdragon Hemp How-To’s! In this episode, Renee will be showing y’all how to take a Cold-Start Dab. This is one of the easiest ways to take a dab at a comfortable temperature for low-temp lovers or newbies to dabbing, so let’s get into it and take some rips. The items you’ll need for your cold start can be found here:

  1. Snapdragon Dragon’s Breath Torch
  2. Snapdragon Stainless Steel Tool Kit
  3. Glass Dabbing Rig
  4. Carb Cap
  5. Optional: Terp Pearls, Inserts, Pills & Spinners
  6. Concentrate of your choice

Selecting Your Concentrate and Loading the Banger

Dabbing is the most efficient way of inhaling your concentrates, rather than topping on a bowl of flower, or vaping them through a lower powered cartridge. It also is the most controllable temperature and dosage wise, as you can use a very small amount of concentrate and still get some incredibly satisfying results. For the perfect cold start you can use virtually any type of dabbable concentrate: crumble, wax, shatter, diamonds — with or without sauce — distillate, and even some isolates are easy to vaporize. Simply use the appropriate tool (such as a shovel, spear, blunt-end, scoop, etc.) to load your concentrate into the banger and get ready for the second stage: HEATING!

Proper Heating Techniques

Heating your banger appropriately is just as important as selecting the right size of concentrate for your experience. With incorrect heating, concentrate can be too cold to be vaporized, bangers can be inconsistently heated, and especially concentrate can burn and chazz/mark up your pristine glass permanently. You never want to put the flame directly onto the banger, but to position it a few inches away, so that the end of the flame is barely touching the glass. 
First, put your carb cap on top of the loaded banger. Then, activate your torch and aim it a few inches away from the glass, starting off on the sides of the banger and slowly moving down to the bottom. 
The time and temperature to achieve vaporization will change depending on a few factors, like type of concentrate, or thickness of glass, so trial and error may be necessary to dial it in for your setup.

Proper Visualization and Temperature Range for Concentrate

With a cold start, you still start to see vapor pour from the sides of the glass, then as you position the flame at the bottom of your banger, the concentrate will start to sizzle, bubble, and then boil into a vapor. This is the process of manually raising the temp of the banger from room temp to 500-600+ degrees fahrenheit, so be careful while you’re dabbing as this glass will be hot. Technically once your concentrate reaches vaporization it will be ready to dab, eliminating the need for a cool down period with a hot drop-in dab. This makes cold starting the quickest way to dab, but may require the most patience and attempts to get comfortable with your setup and the speed of heating.


Once you’re all done with your delicious cold start dab, you’re going to want a thick cotton swab like a GlobMop or a bamboo cotton swab that’s sturdy and hard to break. We do not recommend swabbing your banger right after you dab, as that can burn and leave burnt residue on the inside of your glass. Always wait 30-40 seconds after you dab to ensure the concentrate is still liquidy to be absorbed, but won’t burn or be dangerous to clean.
We recommend using distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, or natural cleaners to remove the residue/buildup on the inside of your rig. Just remember self care is important, clean your glass & change your water often to have the most premium, tasty dabbing experience possible!

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