How do We Make our Delta 8 Sprayed Flower?

How do We Make our Delta 8 Sprayed Flower?

First, Let’s Start off With What Sprayed Flower Is.

Delta 8 Sprayed flower is another form of what is known as Moon Rocks. This resembles the classic frosted look of cannabis. This also increases cannabinoid and secondary compound levels. Its made with flower being used as the base, layered with kief and distillate!

What We use to make our Delta 8 Sprayed Hemp Flower!

Our ingredients are as follows:

Our Otto Sprayed Delta 8 Flower
  1. Chatta-Blonde Flower for low THC as well
  2. Siskiyou Gold Kief for low THC
  3. Delta 8 Distillate
  4. Terpenes. Terpenes are completely optional but highly recommended. They are very important in the Snapdragon process. We use Hulk Haze Terpenes
  5. A Spray Gun
  6. Rotating Mixer


Some people chose to do this with ILLEGAL ingredients. Do NOT be those people. We use all legal ingredients in our Sprayed Delta 8 Hemp Flower.

The Process

The first part of the process is to make a 100% hemp-derived sprayable concentrate. We use a special blend of hemp-derived solvent-free terpenes, specifically Hulk Haze terpenes in this case, and pure Delta 8 distillate.

Once we have our 100% Hemp-derived sprayable concentrate we put our flower in an enclosed environment, seal it, and spray a foggy mist of the sprayable concentrate.

Once the mist we sprayed fills the air we mix around the flower to create a consistent result and let them settle until the fog has accumulated on the flower evenly.

As for the correct air sprayer, Using the correct air sprayer, took a lot of trial and error. Just ensure to use an oil-less air compressor, we chose to go with a tankless design with diaphragm pumps to ensure that no moisture or rust or oil from a typical compressor would be allowed to spray on our flower.

Wrapping things Up

In conclusion, we take each step in the process very seriously. We also try to use the absolute best ingredients in our products! The Snapdragon way is Quality at any pricepoint! We chose to live up to those standards in every product we make! If you would like some of this beautiful Otto flower, click here to go to our page on the website where we sell it. Looking for other Delta 8 Products? Click here

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