About Snapdragon Hemp

We are a Chattanooga-based cannabis company. Our start was in 2016 with a love for tinctures and custom vape concentrate blends. We pride ourselves on high-quality hemp that you need for maximum relief and relaxation. Confused on how to vape? Not sure what the difference is between cannabinoids, terpenes, or products? Wondering if what you tried from somewhere else was strong enough? We take steps to guarantee you will not be disappointed with our services and products. We test everything we sell to ensure they are up to Snapdragon standards. Our stores and online side have knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have. Just come on in if you need help, or give us a call, email, or LiveChat too!

Why Did We Start?

Snapdragon Hemp was first founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Josh Manning. He was dealing with an immense amount of pain due to a terrible motorcycle accident. He thought to himself was “there has to be a better way to manage pain without a fistful of prescription medications”. Josh decided to try cannabis and immediately saw the benefits. This led to a dedication to learning how and why it works so well. Starting with the experimentation of different strains, spectrums, concentrates, and terpenes, we believe that we can create the most effective ways to see the benefits of hemp. Now it was just getting others to realize the benefits that could potentially come from cannabis! He wanted to share with the world what he had discovered and let everyone see for themselves.

The Next Steps

The next step was to put those products into the consumer’s hands. Online sales were first. However, it was a very competitive market with so many others trying to get into the business as well. Most of the other companies were filled with multi-level marketing platforms. However, they were selling subpar products at a cost that the average person could not afford. Showing the value of potent yet still federally-legal cannabis products at a fair price as well as education on each product turned out to be the most important factor in the growing CBD and hemp industry.

The Bill That Changed It All

The 2018 Farm bill Legalized the sale and distribution of hemp for the masses. This meant that we could finally do business! This was a huge turning point for the business for obvious reasons!

Here’s a link to learn more about the 2018 Farm Bill: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/congressional-testimony/hemp-production-and-2018-farm-bill-07252019

Our Startup

We Started local sales in the community at the I-75 Flea market in Rossville Georgia. This allowed us to show people our products and give them honest advice on what it is and how it works. Our favorite part of the market was letting everyone who wanted a sample try it for the first time, hearing feedback on the products we made, and how much it helped them live their life. Repeat customers started to grow rapidly and the word spread fast. The market proudly allowed the sales of Snapdragon for 8 months before the Catoosa County Sheriff’s office said we could no longer sell any form of CBD in Georgia.

So what was next? The move to East Ridge, Tennessee began, where we started our first brick and mortar store at 6210 Ringgold Rd. One after another, Josh was helping customers get a better understanding of hemp and its potential uses. From tinctures to topicals, to flower, his love for cannabis came naturally due to his own personal experiences and knowledge.

After the success of the East Ridge location, Josh decided to branch out, and has since opened a Snapdragon Hemp brick and mortar location at 5104 Highway 154, Hixson, Tennessee. Josh has since then continued to provide many other businesses with lab tested products in order to help keep the dangerous brands out of everyone’s hands. Now in 2022, Snapdragon has eight locations and are still spreading across Chattanooga and soon all of Tennessee!

Lab Tests

Snapdragon Hemp has and always will lab test their in house products to make certain they meet legal requirements for their products. You can see lab reports for some of the top-selling and federally-legal cannabis products that Snapdragon Hemp has to offer below.